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15 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Gengar

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Gengar is one of the most memorable first-gen Pokémon, and many fans count it among their favorites. But even if you've had Gengar on every team since you played Pokémon Red, and watch episodes of the anime while hugging a Gengar plushie, there might still be some things you didn't know about Gengar! Let's learn about this loveable but scary Pokémon!

What's a Gengar fun fact? Well, did you know that Mega Gengar can travel to different dimensions? Or that Gengar and its pre-evolutions are the only Ghost/Poison types in the Pokémon universe? There are plenty more where that came from.

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    Its Type Combination Is Unique

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    Many Pokémon have a combination of two different types. Some combinations, like Normal/Flying, are quite common, but others only apply to one Pokémon or one evolutionary line. 

    Gengar and its pre-evolutions Ghastly and Haunter are the only three Pokémon who are a combination of Ghost and Poison types.

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    It Was Once Human

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    One of the creepiest things about the Pokémon universe is that some Pokémon - usually ghost types -were once human beings. According to its Pokédex entry in the Sun & Moon games, it was once a human being. It tries to take lives not out of malice, but because it wants to ease its loneliness with a ghostly traveling companion.

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    Mega Gengar Can Move Through Dimensions

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    One of the coolest abilities that Gengar gets when it becomes Mega Gengar is the ability to move through dimensions, and see into dimensions it's not currently inhabiting. Basically, it's a ghost with the Jogan Eye. 

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    Its Stats Are Impressive

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    Mega Gengar has the highest total base stats out of all ghost and poison-type Pokémon - excluding legendaries. It also has the highest base speed stat out of every ghost type. This makes it a powerful choice for any trainer!

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