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15 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Gohan

November 30, 2020 2.5k votes 347 voters 39.2k views15 items

Gohan might not be quite as beloved as his father Goku, but he's still a fascinating character who plenty of anime fans appreciate. But even those who name him among their favorites still might not know everything there is to know about the hybrid Saiyan. For this list, we'll be looking at trivia and fun facts about Gohan.

Here are a few. He's the only hybrid Saiyan with a tail, largely because Toriyama got tired of drawing tails and wanted to minimize the aggravating process as much as he could. He's also received more design changes than any other character. Oh, and he stayed transformed into a Super Saiyan for longer than any other character, clocking in at 29 episodes straight!

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    He Has Greater Potential Than Goku

    It's been stated several times throughout the series that Gohan has the potential to surpass his father in strength. There have been times when he was able to achieve what Goku couldn't, like when he was ultimately the one to take Cell down. Even as a little kid, his power level was higher than adult Goku and Piccolo's combined at 710 - and it got much higher from there, ultimately becoming basically unlimited. His gentle personality means that he has a higher concentration of S-Cells, which made it relatively easy for him to go Super Saiyan. 

    So, why does Gohan never seem to fully surpass his father? It's mostly down to personality and desire. Gohan doesn't enjoy fighting, and only does it to protect others. That means that if there's no pressing danger, he isn't going to train much. Meanwhile, Goku loves fighting and will train continuously regardless of whether he needs to or not. 

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    He Proves Something Important About Saiyans

    Gohan was born to a human and a Saiyan. The fact that he exists at all proves that Saiyans and humans are extremely similar biologically. But the fact that he was able to father a child makes this even clearer. 

    Some biologically similar animals can produce offspring, such as when a female horse and a male donkey produce a mule. But mules and other animals like them are almost always sterile because of the number of chromosomes they inherit from each parent.

    The fact that Gohan became a father means that humans and Saiyans are nearly biologically identical. 

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    He Holds The Record For Longest Consecutive Super Saiyan Transformation

    Achieving and maintaining a Super Saiyan transformation is anything but easy, so anybody who can keep it going for a long time is pretty impressive, to say the least. Gohan once spent 29 full episodes transformed into a Super Saiyan, breaking the record for the longest consecutive time spent transformed. 

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    He's The Only Hybrid Saiyan With A Tail

    Gohan is the only hybrid Saiyan seen with a tail. There are two reasons for this, one in-universe, and one meta. The in-universe reason is that tails are recessive, making them unlikely to be inherited by those with mixed Saiyan ancestry. The meta reason is that Akira Toriyama couldn't figure out how the characters were getting their clothes on over their tails, and he didn't want to deal with annoying little details like that, so he stopped giving new characters tails after a certain point. 

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