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Weirdly Charming And Bizarre Things Most People Don't Know About Helena Bonham Carter

Updated 1 Apr 2020 490.7k views13 items

You may know her as Bellatrix Lestrange, the Red Queen, or perhaps as Marla Singer. But one thing is certain, you know Helena Bonham Carter. Whether it was in Fight Club or Harry Potter, the gothic queen has burrowed a permanent place in the minds of audiences everywhere. Between her uniqueness and raw talent, she has remained one of the best actresses in Hollywood who takes on some of the most peculiar roles.

While you may know that the performer is nothing short of eccentric, there are still some charming facts about Helena Bonham Carter that may have flown under your radar. Here are some charming stories and factoids about Helena Bonham Carter that will give you a little insight in the wonderful and weird life of this Hollywood icon. 

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