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15 Things You Didn't Know About Hidan & Kakuzu

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In order to hold each other accountable and make sure the work goes smoothly, members of the Akatsuki are broken up into teams of two. One of the most terrifying teams consists of Hidan and Kakuzu, the Jashin cultist and the elderly miser with multiple hearts implanted in his body. If you liked this scary duo, you might like learning some trivia and lesser-known details about them - we have plenty!

What are some things you didn't know about Hidan and Kakuzu? Both of their designs were inspired by figures from Japanese mythology - Hidan was based on a shinigami, while Kakuzu resembled a Kuchisake-onna. Hidan was supposed to have some cool scythe-based moves that we never got to learn about, and many of Hidan's moves were based on mecha from the Gundam franchise. 

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    Kakuzu's Backstory Is More Disturbing Than Some Remember

    Though the anime does provide some information about Kakuzu's backstory, the databooks go into greater detail. They're pretty grim.

    Kakuzu's village, Takigakure, sent him on a mission to assassinate Hashirama Senju of Konoha. When he failed, he wasn't just disgraced - he was thrown in prison. Furious at his unjust treatment, he escaped from prison and took revenge on the village. His revenge involved launching an assault on the village elders and making off with their forbidden techniques. One of those techniques involved stealing other people's hearts and using them to enhance his fighting capabilities. After nabbing several hearts from random Takigakure villagers who had nothing to do with his imprisonment, he left the village to join the Akatsuki.

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    Kakuzu Is The Oldest Shinobi With A Known Age

    Kakuzu is constantly referring to Hidan's young age and immaturity. Though Hidan is extremely immature, Kakuzu would likely see the 22-year-old as practically an infant no matter what he acted like. That's because Kakuzu is actually the oldest shinobi with an established age - before his demise, he's 91 years old. 

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    They're Partners For A Reason

    Hidan wasn't Kakuzu's first Akatsuki partner - he actually had four before Hidan finally joined. But Kakuzu found them so annoying that he annihilated them all. Hidan's immortality makes him a perfect match for Kakazu - no matter how mad he might get, he can't end Hidan's life. But besides that, both of them share a mutual interest in immortality itself. While Kakuzu isn't strictly immortal, he's prolonged his life by acquiring multiple hearts.

    Though the two do not get along, they do have some grudging respect for one another. 

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    Hidan Is The Only Akatsuki Member Not To Have Met Naruto

    Most members of the Akatsuki have met Naruto Uzumaki at some point in the series. Hidan is an exception. During Hidan and Kakuzu's attack, they fight Team 10 along with Izumo and Kotetsu. Later, Naruto and the rest of his team battle Kakuzu while Shikamaru enacts his revenge on Hidan with a carefully laid trap.

    Hidan does meet Naruto in an Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, but it never happens in real life. 

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