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15 Things You Didn't Know About Hidan & Kakuzu

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In order to hold each other accountable and make sure the work goes smoothly, members of the Akatsuki are broken up into teams of two. One of the most terrifying teams consists of Hidan and Kakuzu, the Jashin cultist and the elderly miser with multiple hearts implanted in his body. If you liked this scary duo, you might like learning some trivia and lesser-known details about them - we have plenty!

What are some things you didn't know about Hidan and Kakuzu? Both of their designs were inspired by figures from Japanese mythology - Hidan was based on a shinigami, while Kakuzu resembled a Kuchisake-onna. Hidan was supposed to have some cool scythe-based moves that we never got to learn about, and many of Hidan's moves were based on mecha from the Gundam franchise. 

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    The Markings On Kakuku's Arms Have A Meaning

    During the Edo period of Japan, criminals would receive tattoos that signalled which prison they were sent to. Kakuzu's tattoos strongly resemble these traditional markings. Given that he was imprisoned in Takigakure, these markings are quite fitting. 

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    Their Names Are Both Derived From Shogi

    Hidan and Kakuzu's name have an unexpected connection.

    The first kanji in Hidan's name (飛) stands for hisha, which is the rook in shogi. Meanwhile, the first kanji in Kakuzu's name (角) stands for kakugyō, the bishop. Interestingly, this connects them with Asuma and Shikamaru, two tactically-minded shogi experts. After Asuma was taken down by Hidan, Shikamaru exacted his strategic revenge.

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    Hidan Was Supposed To Resemble A Shinigami

    In Naruto Hiden: Sha no Sho Character Official Data Book, Kishimoto explained that the Hidan's black and white Jashinist markings were meant to make him look like a shinigami, or a god of death. If you're familiar with shinigami, you might have guessed that much. But you wouldn't have guessed this: Hidan's scythe was supposed to have several special abilities that Kishimoto didn't have time to depict. Unfortunately, we don't know what those are - maybe one day Kishimoto will provide the details?

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    Their Desired Opponents Are Categories, Not Individuals

    If you ask either Hidan or Kakuzu who they most want to fight, they won't cite individuals. Rather, they'll bring up broad categories of people.

    For Hidan, that would be heretics - or anyone who doesn't adhere to Jashinist principles. In Kakuzu's case, all that matters if whether or not that person has a big bounty on their head - if not, they aren't worth his time. 

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