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Things You Didn't Know About Wizarding Curses and Potions

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The Harry Potter book series introduced a number of potions and forms of dark magic that the characters dealt with in their fight against Voldemort. And yet, they still didn't scratch the surface of the information contained within the Wizarding World when it comes to curses and potions. In the long history of magic, there have been central figures that have been celebrated Potioneers who have created fascinating brews, with a lot of positive and negative consequences coming as a result. Similarly, there were uses of curses that have a unique quality to them, and even the ones fans are aware of have deeper facts they will be unaware of.

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    Nobody Was Able To Cure Hermione's Curse On Marietta Edgecombe

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Hermione demonstrated the use of a powerful curse that no one seems to know of. After all, not even Albus Dumbledore managed to reverse the effects of the jinx placed on the list of names for Dumbledore's Army. 

    This curse made boils form on Marietta Edgecombe's face to read the word "SNEAK," and Dolores Umbridge failed to remove them despite repeated attempts. As it is, the boils eventually went away but Marietta's scars never did, and she continued to have the word faintly visible on her face since Hermione never gave the counter-curse.

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    Antonin Dolohov Created A Dark Spell Only He Knew How To Cast

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Antonin Dolohov certainly made full use of his ability to create spells, as the dark wizard used his powers for nefarious reasons. During the fight in the Department of Mysteries in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dolohov hits Hermione with a spell that knocks her out instantly, and it's feared that she's passed on. Although she recovers, it takes weeks to do so, and Madam Pomfrey has no idea what the cure for her internal injuries is.

    In reality, nobody could have known the cure since no one knows what curse Dolohov used. He created this spell for his own use and made it so he uttered it non-verbally, meaning Dolohov was the only person in the world capable of pulling off this deadly spell.

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    The Bat-Bogey Hex Can Be Fatal

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / Warner Bros. Pictures

    Ginny Weasley sure can be mean-spirited but is never called out for her attacks on others. She makes light of using the Bat-bogey curse on Zacharias Smith, yet the hex is so intense that it can even have fatal consequences. The curse causes bats to sprout out of the victims' noses that then proceed to viciously hurt them.

    The reason why it can be fatal is the fact that the person hit by the hex can't breathe, as a particularly strong variant of the Bat-bogey curse can result in constant bats manifesting, leading to the person choking to their demise.

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    Children Conceived Through A Love Potion Have A High Chance Of Being Unable To Perceive Love

    Photo: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince / Warner Bros. Pictures

    The reason why Voldemort had no empathy even as a child was due to the fact that he was conceived when his father was under the influence of a love potion. The truth is that a person isn't truly in love when they consume the potion, as it's more along the lines of unhealthy obsession.

    The side effect to this is that a child born out of such a union will have a lack of understanding of love, which is why Voldemort never feels it. However, it doesn't mean the child has no chance of experiencing love, as they can very well perceive it if they are raised in a loving environment.

    According to JK Rowling:

    [The love potion] was a symbolic way of showing that [Voldemort] came from a loveless union – but of course, everything would have changed if Merope had survived and raised him herself and loved him.

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