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15 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Ichigo Kurosaki

Along with Naruto and One Piece, Bleach is one of the original Big Three shonen anime. Just like its counterparts, it still has tons of fans today, including those who love its protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki. But even Ichigo's biggest fans may not know all the trivia and small details that there are to learn about him. 

One cool detail that you may not have known is that Tite Kubo assigned Ichigo a theme song - News From The Front by LA-based punk rock band Bad Religion. Also, according to Kubo, his gigantic Zampakuto sword isn't heavy at all because it comes from inside of him - but if someone else tried to lift it, they'd struggle. 

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    He Wasn't Originally Going To Be The Main Character

    At first, Ichigo wasn't going to be the protagonist of Bleach. That role was intended for Rukia Kuchiki. As the story developed, Kubo decided to create Ichigo, and make Rukia into an important side character instead.

    Initial Ichigo designs had glasses, a gentler expression, and dark hair. But Kubo decided that he wanted Ichigo's appearance to contrast more with Rukia's, so he gave him orange hair, a permanent scowl, and better eyesight. 

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    His Sword Isn't Actually Heavy

    During an interview with Shonen Jump, the publisher asked Tite Kubo how Ichigo could possibly swing such a heavy sword. The conversation went as follows:

    "SJ: How can Ichigo swing a sword that looks heavier than he is? Is he secretly working out at home?

    TK: Well, no. To begin with, a zanpaku-tou isn't something you'd swing with your muscles. Ichigo's zanpaku-tou comes from inside him, so he wouldn't find it heavy. If Ichigo tried to wield Renji's zanpaku-tou, Zabimaru, he'd find it heavy.

    SJ: So it depends on the person?

    TK: Yes. Zabimaru looks pretty heavy, too. Ichigo wouldn't be able to wield him. Renji would probably find the same thing with Ichigo's zanpaku-tou, Zangetsu."

    Basically, while there's no denying that Ichigo is strong, he isn't necessarily a body builder. 

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    Ichigo Was Intentionally Stylish

    One of the coolest things about Bleach is the interesting outfits the characters wear. Sure, some of their looks might outdated now, but it's hard to deny that they still look good. When asked how he comes up with his character's outfits, Kubo had this to say:

    "I just put the characters in the clothes I wish I could buy, but can't find in stores."

    Clearly, he's using his personal taste to guide him. With Ichigo, Kubo also uses fashion items that he does own - the first watch Ichigo wore was based on Kubo's own. But later he swapped that out for a watch based on Naoto Fukasawa's W11K cellphone.

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    His Injuries Are Often Censored

    Photo: Tite Kubo

    The Bleach manga is a lot bloodier than the anime adaptation. This is especially true when it comes to Ichigo. Generally, the number and severity of the wounds he sustains are reduced, and bigger injuries, like when Ichigo's stomach is destroyed during his showdown with Aizen, are offscreen.

    The same applies to injuries he gives others. For example, when fighting Ulquiorra in the manga, Hollow Ichigo tosses Ulquiorra's severed arm at him, while in the manga he throws a house-sized rock instead. 

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