15 Things You Didn't Know About Impel Down In 'One Piece'

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Pirating is all fun and games until you're caught by the World Government. When that happens, you can be thrown into Impel Down, a maximum-security prison where inmates meet gruesome fates. As bleak as that sounds, Impel Down is also the setting of an exciting arc.  

What are some things you didn't know about Impel Down? You might have guessed that the levels prisoners are banished to are based on the version of hell described by Dante Alighieri - but did you know how much Impel Down and Dante's hell have in common? It's a lot. Also, did you know that Hannyabal collects patterned underwear? You might not have wanted to know that, but now you do!

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    The Anime Introduces An Especially Gruesome Detail

    Usually, the anime softens some of the more grisly elements that were introduced in the manga, but in this case, the anime adds something terrifying that wasn't present in the original manga. 

    In the anime, Galdino notes that the sand in Level 3 of the prison isn't sand at all, but is actually the dried-up remains of prisoners who have already passed. Yikes.

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    Domino And Sadi's Names Have A Common Source

    Domino is the head jailer, while Sadi is the chief guard. While their positions are different, their names and aesthetics are a lot alike. Domino's name likely refers to the her dominatrix aesthetic and her dominating personality.

    Sadi's name likely stems from sadism, which makes sense considering how excited she gets when she sees or hears evidence of other people's suffering. She claims that her favorite food is her prisoners' screams of agony. 

    While both of their names have slightly different vibes, they're clearly in the same general category.

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    Oda Drew The Guards As Children

    In response to a fan's request, Oda drew Magellan, Hannyabal, Sadi, Saldeath, and Domino as kids.

    Even Magellan somehow manages to be a little bit cute.

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    Many Elements Of Impel Down Are Based On 'The Divine Comedy'

    In Impel Down, prisoners are assigned to levels that correspond with the severity of their crimes and the size of their bounty. Each level has its own unique punishment for the inmates - for example, those in Starvation Hell receive little to no food, and those in Freezing Hell must endure devastatingly cold temperatures.

    Many of these levels are directly inspired by the version of hell that is described in Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy. In some cases, they even correspond directly. For example, in Dante's work, the third circle of hell is for those guilty of the sin of gluttony. There, they slowly starve after being eaten by Cerberus. In Impel Down, Level 3 is Starvation Hell. 

    However, some elements of Impel Down have nothing to do with Dante Alighieri's work. For example, Crimson Hell seems to be based on a Buddhist depiction of hell called the "Hell of the Sword Tree and Knife Hill."

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    The Employees Don't Always Do Their Research

    Fortunately for the prisoners, the people running Impel Down don't seem to do in-depth research about those being held there.

    For example, they put Buggy in Level 1. In Level 1, prisoners are constantly cut by bladed trees. Buggy's Devil Fruit renders him immune to cuts of all kinds. Clearly, the guards didn't do their research. 

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    Early Magellan Was Far More Demonic

    When Oda was first designing Magellan, he looked a bit different than he does in the current series.

    Rather than imagining him as a warden of a prison, Oda saw him as more of a guardian of hell itself. Do you think the change was a good idea?

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