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15 Things You Didn't Know About Jinchuriki In Naruto Shippuden

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One of the most incredible powers in the world of Naruto belongs to the jinchuriki. The jinchuriki are people with tailed beasts sealed inside of their bodies. The tailed beasts are powerful creatures with huge reserves of chakra, and each one bestows their jinchuriki with incredible strength. Unfortunately, most jinchuriki are shunned by their villages - that's what happened to Naruto Uzumaki, the Nine Tails' jinchuriki. 

That's the basic rundown, and if you're a Naruto fan you probably already knew most of it. But there are also some things you didn't know about the jinchuriki. For example, did you know that the Four Tails' is named Son Goku and his jinchuriki is named Roshi - an obvious DBZ reference? What about the fact that Naruto was originally planned to be the Nine Tails' son?

There are plenty of other jinchuriki fun facts where that came from, so let's get started.

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    Shukaku's Previous Jinchuriki Predicted Gaara

    Shukaku's former jinchuriki, Bunpuku, was a wise and kindly old man who spent most of his life imprisoned because of Sunagakure's fears regarding his power. He had two characters, "accept" (受, ukeru) and "heart" (心, kokoro) carved into his hands. He told Shukaku, who he had a positive relationship with, that he would one day meet someone who would show him the true meaning of those words. That turned out to be Shukaku's next jinchuriki, Gaara, who not only had a major emotional journey revolving around those concepts, but whose tattoo combined those characters into (愛, ai).

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    The Four-Tailed Jinchuriki Is A DBZ Reference 

    Like many shonen manga artists, Masashi Kishimoto cites the creator of Dragon Ball Z as one of his biggest influences. That might be why he references DBZ in the series. The Four-Tailed beast is called Son Goku, and his jinchuriki's name is Roshi. Son Goku takes the form of a gigantic monkey, and Roshi is the oldest jinchuriki. The fact that it's the Four Tails specifically is also a reference - Goku believes the Four-Star Dragon Ball is his grandfather as the very beginning of the original Dragon Ball.

    Is it possible that this is a coincidental reference to the same folklore that DBZ was based on? Maybe - but either way, the shared names are pretty cool. 

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    Naruto Was Originally Kurama's Son

    Before publishing the version of Naruto that fans know and love today, Kishimoto wrote a one-shot pilot that contained some of the same original concepts. There were also some major differences - the biggest of which was that Naruto was the Nine Tailed Fox's son. Though he typically appeared in human form, he was still rejected by fearful villagers. 

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    The Term 'Jinchuriki' Is Based On Mythology

    While there's no such thing as a jinchuriki in Japanese mythology, the name bears a close resemblance to a real concept. The term jinchuriki (人柱力) means 'power of human sacrifice.' It's quite similar to jintsūriki (神通力), which means 'god-reaching power.'