20 Things You Didn’t Know About Karasuno From ‘Haikyu!!’

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When most people think of great sports anime, Haikyu!! is one of the first shows that come to mind. With great characters, a solid plot, and a well-researched rendition of volleyball, it's deserving of its popularity. One of the things that makes it so awesome is Karasuno, the team at the center of the story. While we get to learn a lot about Karasuno within the series itself, there are some details and bits of trivia that fans might not know about.

What are some things you didn't know about Karasuno? In the pilot chapter that came out before the manga, Kageyama was actually the main character, and Hinata didn't care about volleyball at all. Also, you probably knew that Yamaguchi is loyal to his best friend Tsukishima, but you might be surprised by how deep it goes. Are you a One Piece fan? So is Hinata!

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    Tanaka Is The Only Member To Play Every Game In Full

    Most members of Karasuno play partial games, not full games. In order to preserve their energy and give everyone a chance to participate, the players are subbed out partway through.

    Only one member, Tanaka, has played the entirety of every single game in the anime - all the others have played a partial game at some point. 

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    Hinata Is An Anime Fan

    Hinata Is An Anime Fan
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    In Chapter 372 of the manga, Hinata reveals that he's a One Piece fan. He also says that his favorite character is Zoro. Considering how popular Zoro is among One Piece fans, it's no surprise that Hinata likes him so much. 

    But One Piece isn't the only anime he likes - he's also into Dragon Ball. In fact, he's using the dub to learn Spanish and English. 

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    A Few Characters Have Contrasting Names

    Often when a set of characters are meant to be foils for one another, Furudate will give them complementary or contrasting names.

    For example, Asahi and Nishinoya are foils, so their names contain contrasting kanji - 'east' and 'west', 'peak' and 'valley', 'morning sun' and 'evening.' Tsukishima and Hinata's names also contrast in that Hinata's name contains the character for 'sun' while Tsukishima's contains the one for 'moon.' However, Tsukishima's name also contains 'firefly' to imply that he can make his own light. 

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    They Wear A Fictional Brand

    Most of the clothing that Karasuno wears to play volleyball are from the same fictional brand. Their logo features a picture of a foot and then has the letters "ics" beneath it. In Japanese, the word for foot is "ashi," which makes the brand's name "ashi-ics." This is a parody of an actual Japanese sports brand called Asics which is renowned for its volleyball apparel. 

    The volleyballs they use are from an actual brand called Molten - no parody there.

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    Daichi Has A Ton Of Siblings

    Though they don't appear in the series itself, the Haikyu!! Final Guidebook Volleyball Climax! revealed that Daichi has two younger brothers and two younger sisters. That's a lot of siblings, especially in a series where most characters have one or two, if any.

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    Hinata And Tanaka Are Among The Creator's Favorite Characters

    During an interview with Monthly Volleyball 2014, Furudate was asked about his favorite characters in the series. He mentioned several characters, but two were in Karasuno. Here's what he said:

    "If I had to only choose one, it would be the protagonist Hinata. I put in a lot of effort to arrive at the Hinata that’s in the serialised version right now, so I have a really strong emotional attachment to him. Other than that, from Karasuno I like Tanaka, and from the rival schools I like Aone of Date Tech and Bokuto of Fukurodani. Basically, I like characters who don’t think about the consequences before acting. I’m someone who tends to overthink the consequences, so I really admire characters like them."

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