15 Things You Didn't Know About Marines In 'One Piece'

The Marines are a military force that is frequently at odds with the protagonists. They are one of the Three Great Powers in the world, and their mission is to maintain peace and security. While this sometimes involves taking down truly dangerous pirates, at other times it puts them at odds with well-meaning characters like Luffy and his friends.

What are some things you didn't know about marines in One Piece? Here's one interesting detail - the group is known for chowing down on curry because of a tradition within Japan's real-life naval forces. Also, did you know that the Admirals got their nicknames from the legend of Momotaro? 

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    Why Do The Marines Salute With Their Palms Facing Inwards?

    A fan noticed that Marines tend to salute with their palms facing inwards, rather than with the side of their hand as might be expected. Oda had a practical explanation for this:

    "Oh, right. After all this time, I can't remember ever answering this one. Yes, it is a bit different than what you'd expect, but there's a reason. Sailors have pull all sorts of ropes on a sailboat to make sure it can sail, and the tar on the ropes makes their hands filthy and black. It would be rude to show those blackened hands to a superior officer, so they salute showing the back of the hand. It's the kind of courtesy you'd expect from the Marines."

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    Monkey D. Garp Quit Smoking

    When he's first introduced, Monkey D. Garp is depicted puffing on a cigar. Later in the series, his smoking habit seems to have disappeared. This implies that at some point, he quit. Considering how addictive smoking can be, that's quite an accomplishment for the old man! 

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    The Momotarō Legend Inspired Some Of Their Nicknames

    The legend of Momotarō is well-known and famous in Japan. It tells the story of a young boy who was born in a peach and grows up to fight demons.

    Several members of the Marines have nicknames or visual themes that are based on this legend. For example, Momotarō befriends a pheasant, a dog, and a monkey on his journey. Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru mean blue pheasant, red dog, and yellow monkey. 

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    Is Fujitora Immune To Boa Hancock's Powers?

    In the video game One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3, Fujitora is completely unaffected by Boa Hancock's Love-Love Fruit. This is because he's blind and can't see her, so apparently, he won't be taken in by her beauty. 

    The two of them have never met in the manga or anime, so it's not clear whether he'd still be immune to her. There are plenty of ways to attract someone that don't involve appearance, so it seems possible that he wouldn't be immune at all. 

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    Why Do They Eat Curry?

    The Marines are known for eating curry on a regular basis, whether it's each ship presenting their unique spin on the dish, or simply appreciating curry from local restaurants. There's a reason for this that goes beyond curry being delicious.

    During the Meiji era, curry became a well-loved dish amongst Japanese naval forces. Because it was cheap and readily available, many sailors ate nothing but white rice. This caused them to develop beriberi, a nutritional deficiency disorder. To counteract this, curry, which had been introduced to Japan via England, was added to the naval diet. Curry contained thiamine, so it solved the beri beri problem. What's more, it could be made cheaply and could easily serve large groups.

    It became wildly popular in the Japanese Navy. As its popularity grew, different branches of the Navy began coming up with their own special recipes. Eating curry every Friday became a tradition meant to mark the passage of time. 


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    Who Wears A Uniform & Who Doesn't?

    A fan noticed that members of the Marines are sometimes seen wearing their uniforms and sometimes seen wearing street clothes. They asked Oda to explain whether this was part of the Marines' protocol, or if it was due to personal preference. It's complicated.

    "Well... A little from column A, a little from column B. How do I explain this... Basically, when you first join the Marines, you are given a basic Marine uniform and cap. This is a pretty proud moment that you'd want to call home and tell your parents about. Private First Class (Ittouhei) and everyone below must wear these. So Jango and Fullbody are actually breaking the rules. For ranks Corporal (Gochou) and above, you can choose other types of uniforms or wear your own personal clothes. However, discretion is advised so that you still look the part of a Marine. Now when you attain the rank of Warrant Officer (Juni), you earn the privilege of wearing "Justice" on your clothes. For ranks Major (Shousa) and above, the Justice coat and suit is the most common attire. (For more info regarding Marine ranks, consult Volume 8.)"

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