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16 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Midoriya

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Izuku Midoriya is of the most recent shonen protagonists to make a name for himself in the anime world. His charmingly nervous personality combined with his determination to be a hero despite being born without a quirk have endeared him to many, but even his biggest fans don't know everything there is to know about him. We're here to fix that with some fun facts and trivia about Deku!

So, what are some things you didn't know about Izuku Midoriya? During an advertising campaign for Marvel, Izuku talks about his admiration for Captain America, who is surprisingly similar to Izuku. Someone else also has some similarities to Izuku - Kohei Horikoshi. During a conversation with the legendary Tite Kubo, both artists observed that Izuku's anxious personality strongly resembled that of his creator. 

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    Izuku's Childhood Was Inspired By Horikoshi's Own

    During an interview with Natalie Comics, Horikoshi revealed that he based a particularly adorable scene from Izuku's childhood on a precious memory of his own. He said: 

    " Volume 11, when Deku was younger he and his mom have a scene together [where Deku’s mom says, “Help me!” and Deku says “I am here!”] I actually used to do this exact same thing with my mom when I was younger, and we played at the park’s playgrounds. We called it the “King of the Jungle.” My mom would go inside the jungle gym at the playground and say, “Please save me, Leo,” which is the name that I used to call myself when we played this together.

    I have that memory of pretending to be Leo and playing with my mom at the playground, so I wanted to incorporate that into the story. As a reader, it’s probably a scene that does not hold much meaning, but as for me, I cried while writing that scene."

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    His Father Will Show Up Someday

    Though Izuku appears to have been raised by a single mother, he actually does have a father - he's just working abroad. Other than that, and the fact that he has a quirk called Fire Breath, little is known about Hisashi Midoriya. 

    But fans of the series won't remain in the dark forever. Horikoshi has confirmed that at some point, Izuku's father will appear. When and how this will happen is still an open question.

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    He Has The Third Largest Number Of Quirks

    In the world of My Hero Academia, most people only have one quirk. Izuku is an exception. One For All is actually a far more complex quirk than it appears, as it gives users access to any other quirks possessed by previous owners. This means that Izuku actually has seven quirks, though right now there's still four he can't use.

    He's tied with Nine (from the second movie) for third-largest number of quirks in the series. 

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    He Was Used To Advertise 'Avengers: Infinity War'

    In order to promote Avengers: Infinity War in Japan, Marvel teamed up with My Hero Academia to create both a poster and an adorable video in which Izuku describes Captain America while alluding to some similarities between himself and the Western hero. Both of them started out weak, and endured bullying and other hardships, but worked hard and pushed themselves for the sake of protecting others. 

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