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15 Things You Didn't Know About Minato Namikaze

November 18, 2020 9.1k votes 1.5k voters 116.3k views15 items

You might think that you know everything there is to know about Minato Namikaze, Fourth Hokage and father to Naruto Uzamaki. Buyt there's actually plenty of fun facts and bits of trivia about the Yellow Flash that many fans aren't aware of. We've collected some of them here, so that you can get to know Minato better.

For example, most people know that Minato was intelligent - but not as many know that he had the best grades in Ninja Academy's recorded history, and the highest scores on the Chunin Exam. Here's a more meta fact - Kishimoto originally wanted the Fourth Hokage's position to be filled by a dog, but gave the job to Minato instead once his editors protested. 

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    He Completed 847 Missions

    Despite losing his life at the young age of 24, Minato Namikaze still managed to complete 847 missions in his ninja career. These included 122 D-rank, 147 C-rank, 216 B-rank, 323 A-rank, and 39 S-rank missions.

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    Kishimoto's Personal Life Changed Minato's Story

    Originally, Masashi Kishimoto didn't plan to give Minato a large role in the story. But when he became a father himself, he realized how important the parent-child bond was, and decided that he really wanted his protagonist to have a face-to-face reunion with his parents. So, if you loved the scenes where Naruto meets his folks, you have Kishimoto's kids to thank for it!

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    His Grades Were Amazing

    When most fans think about super-smart characters in Naruto, Minato might not be the first one to come to mind. But that's only because we hardly get to see him in action - Minato's brain was on fire.

    He had the best grades in the history Ninja Academy, which would be a great enough accomplishment on its own. But his great scores go even further. In Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light, it's revealed that Minato also had the highest score in Chūnin Exam history. 

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    Kishimoto Wanted To Create A Spin-Off Starring Minato

    In a 2009 interview, Masashi Kishimoto expressed the desire to create a spin-off series starring Minato as a young person. 

    At this point, Kishimoto seems pretty burnt out on creating new Naruto content. He partially supervised the spin-off, Boruto, choosing to spend less time on manga and more with his family. As such, it seems unlikely that he'll create this proposed series any time soon.

    But it still isn't impossible - he could get reinvigorated after a well-deserved break, or assign the idea to an assistant, the way he did with Boruto. 

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