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20 Things You Didn't Know About 'My Hero Academia'

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My Hero Acamedia is one of the most beloved anime out there, but even the most avid fans don't know everything about it. Actually, there's a ton of trivia that might have flown under your personal radar. What are some things you didn't know about My Hero Academia? Here's one: Katsuki Bakugo was originally supposed to be a kind, well-meaning person. Here's another: manga artist Kohei Hoshikori has confirmed that readers will eventually get to meet Izuku's missing father. There's plenty more where that came from, so lets get ready to learn.

Which of these fun facts about My Hero Academia surprised you the most?

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    Bakugo Was Supposed To Be A Nice Guy

    Katsuki Bakugo is well known for his quick temper, his arrogance, and his tendency to be rude to the point of cruelty. What isn't as well known is the fact that Horikoshi's original conception of him was completely different. Bakugo was originally supposed to be a nice, well-meaning guy who accidentally said offensive things without realizing it.

    He scrapped that idea because it thought it would be too boring and created the Bakugo we know today - do you think that was a good move?

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    Tsuyu & Hakagure Started Off As Boys

    When Horikoshi was first designing Tsuyu Asui and Toru Hagakure, he planned for them to be boys. But when he looked at the roster of class 1-A, he realized that it was super unbalanced - there were only four girls and 16 boys. To make progress towards fixing this, he changed these characters' genders. Considering how many people call Tsuyu their best girl, this move didn't go unappreciated. 

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    Ochaco Was Meant To Have Mt. Lady's Powers

    Ochaco Uraraka's Zero Gravity quirk is a defining feature of her character, but that wasn't always the quirk that Horikoshi had in mind. In his original drafts, Ochaco was supposed to have Mt. Lady's quirk, Gigantification. She also had Mt. Lady's hero name and real name, Yu Takeyama. Eventually, that identity was given to the current Mt. Lady, and Ochaco became the character we know and love today. This change was made because Horikoshi thought Gigantification would be too difficult of a quirk for the hero-in-training to handle. 

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    Present Mic Was Supposed To Be A Bald Old Man

    Have you ever wondered why Present Mic's headphones say the word 'hage?' Hage means 'bald' in Japanese, and while Mic's cockatoo-like hair might look like a wig, the few shots of him in the manga with his hair down prove otherwise. So, why the random reference to hair loss? Because Mic's original character design was a fat, elderly bald man.

    Horikoshi decided against that idea on the ground that it would be boring. Instead, he decided to base him loosely on an actual radio DJ named Hisashi Yamada, and give him a frenetic personality.