15 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Naruto’ Teachers

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Without the teachers who help the cast of Naruto perfect their ninjutsu, most of them would never have become the ninja they are today. If you appreciate the educators of Konoha, you might also want to know more about them.  

What are some things you didn't know about Naruto teachers? One of Iruka Umino's little-known abilities is echolocation, which makes a whole lot more sense if you know that his full name means "dolphin of the sea." Also, did you know that to get their credentials, teachers have to attend their own academy and then take a final exam that involves an obstacle course?

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    Why Does Iruka Have The Ability To Echolocate?

    While he isn't shown using it often, Iruka has the ability to use echolocation - that is, he can use sound to create an image of the area around him.

     This ability is most likely connected with his name. Iruka (海豚) means "dolphin", and his surname, Umino (海乃), means "of the sea." Dolphins are well-known for their ability to use echolocation, so the name and the ability match perfectly. 

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    Kurenai Wears A Special Ring

    Towards the end of Shippudden, Kurenai is occasionally seen wearing a ring on her left ring finger. She first wears it when she's worrying about how Asuma is faring during his showdown with Hidan. Once her pregnancy is announced, she starts wearing the ring at all times. In the manga, the ring only appears once her pregnancy is known.

    Considering the ring's placement and the fact that is seems connected with Asuma and their child, it seems likely that it's either an engagement ring or a wedding ring. It's not clear which it is, but we're leaning towards engagement ring - if they were married already, you'd think there'd have been a wedding. 

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    Asuma's Life Has Parallels With Both His Father & His Daughter

    Asuma's passing was one of the saddest moments in Naruto, but his legacy lives on in his daughter Mirai. Their names have a similar meaning - Asuma (明日真) means "true tomorrow" while his daughter's name means "future." This is a reference to the "king" that Asuma always said needed to be protected - the future generations of Konoha. 

    But Asuma isn't just connected to the future - he's also connected to the past. He and his father both passed away on the 80th episode of a Naruto series, with Hiruzen expiring on the 80th episode of Naruto, and Asuma losing his life on the 80th episode of Shippudden.

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    Ebisu Is Named After A Japanese God

    At times, Ebisu seems a bit pompous. That might be because of his lofty name. He's actually named after the Japanese god Ebisu. Frequently depicted as a fishemen, Ebisu is the the patron of fishermen and tradesmen. He is said to bring good luck, espeically in the realm of commerce. 

    He's also the child of Izanagi and Izanami. While no one in Naruto is named after these two gods, those names are used for some of the Uchiha family's most powerful signature moves. Is there an unknown connection between the Uchihas and Ebisu? Probably not, but it's fun to speculate about. 

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    How Do Teachers Qualify For Their Jobs?

    How exactly does one become a teacher at Ninja Academy? At least in the anime canon, they have to take a training course with a final exam. Exactly what they learn is unclear, but one thing that is known is that they have to make it through an obstacle course that's set up in a dark room.

    Mizuki and Iruka wrecked this obstacle course while fighting each other. It's unknown whether it was rebuilt, or if a new test was devised. 

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    Might Guy Is Agnostic

    Shortly before the Uchiha massacre, Kakashi and Guy take a trip to the Uchiha district. They end up at the Naka Shrine, a spot dedicated the worshipping the Uchiha clan's patron deity. Upon realizing where he is, Guy tells Kakashi that he's not really up for religious stuff - he's agnostic. 

    It's not clear whether he means he's agnostic in general, or if his statement only applies to the Uchiha's patron deity.