15 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Naruto’ Weapons

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While the most prominent fighting method used in Naruto is jutsu, the characters also wield a wide range of impressive weapons. These weapons aren't just featureless swords. Some of them have elaborate powers or intricate designs, and many are inspired by Japanese mythology. These weapons are fascinating, and there's plenty of details and trivia to learn about them.

What are some things you didn't know about weapons in NarutoThe Kiba, dual swords belonging to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, appeared in the anime and then made their way into the manga along with their formerly anime-exclusive wielder Raiga Kurosuki. Also, did you know that the Sword of Nunoboko is likely a reference to a Japanese creation myth? 

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    The Anime Makes It Harder For Suigetsu To Get Ahold Of The Kubikiribocho

    In the manga, all Suigetsu has to do to get his hands on the Kubikiribōchō is take it from Zabuza's grave. Not exactly the world's easiest task, but it's still just one thing.

    In the anime, it's a little more complicated. The sword had already been swiped by a crime boss named Tenzen Daikoku who wanted the sword as a personal trophy since it had cut down so many of his men. Suigetsu had to forcefully take it from one of Tenzen's bodyguards. 

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    The Chain Wind Staff Has An Odd Requirement

    Like most of Tenten's weapons, the Chain Wind Staff is kept in a scroll and summoned whenever she needs it. She's seen drawing her own blood in order to summon this staff, which is strange since that usually isn't a requirement to undo basic seals on scrolls.

    It's unknown whether this was an oversight or whether there's something seriously unusual going on with the weapon. 

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    Which Puppet Is Sasori's Favorite?

    Hiruko is the puppet armor that Sasori wears most of the time in order to hide and protect his true form. The English translation of the anime refers to this as the 18th puppet that Sasori ever created. This isn't true - it's actually the 11th. The mix-up occurred because the word "ohako" (十八番) literally translates to the number 18, and Hiruko is said to be Sasori's favorite puppet.

    But Hiruko isn't Sasori's only favorite. At another point in the series, he says that the Kazekage puppet, which is made from the body of Sunagakure's Third Kazekage, is his true favorite.

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    The Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords Are Easily Replaceable

    Killer B and many other Kumogakure ninja use Supervibrato Lightning Release Swords to channel their lightning chakra and enhance their lightning-based moves.

    B uses five of them. They often get lost, but B is able to easily replace them once he returns to his village. If he's nowhere near home and loses his swords, he'll have to improvise.

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    Which Sword Belonged To Mangetsu?

    Mangetsu Hozuki is known to have mastered all seven of the swords belonging to the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. But which one did he use himself? This hasn't been directly confirmed, but it has been implied.

    When the former swordsmen are reincarnated, both Mangetsu and Fuguki Suikazan lack their original swords. That's because both the Hiramekarei and the Samehada have current owners. Since it's known that Fuguki is the former owner of the Samehada, it can be inferred that Mangetsu's primary sword was the Hiramekarei. 

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    The Shuriken Are Specifically Called Hira Shuriken

    Though they're only referred to as shuriken in the series, the shuriken that appear in Naruto are actually a specific variety of shuriken called the hira shuriken

    In real life, hira shuriken have a hole in the middle and look a bit like a star. The exact shape and construction of the blade varies depending on the ninja school that produced them, so you can actually identify their origin based on their appearance. This does not appear to be the case in Naruto, since most shuriken look alike.