15 Things You Didn’t Know About Nekoma From ‘Haikyu!!’

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If Karasuno was the only team worth paying attention to, Haikyu!! wouldn't be half as interesting as it is. There are plenty of other awesome teams, some of which are so cool, it's hard to know whether you want the main team to beat them. One of those teams is Nekoma, a team that's connected to Karasuno through their respective coaches. If you're looking for some Nekoma-focused Haikyu! trivia, you've come to the right place. 

What are some things you didn't know about Nekoma? While they are definitely represented by cats, the "neko" in their name has nothing to do with cats at all - rather, their name relates to shogi. But several members have birthdays that fall on cat-themed holidays. Also, did you know that Kenma dyed his hair to avoid calling attention to himself?

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    Their Motto Shows Their Connection To Karasuno

    Nekoma's official club motto, which is written on their banner, is "Connect" (繋げ).

    One of the kanji "繋" also appears in both Ikkei Ukai and Keishin Ukai's given names. This reinforces the connection between the two schools. 

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    Several Team Members Have Cat-Themed Birthdays

    In keeping with their cat theme, several members of Nekoma have birthdays on holidays that celebrate cats.

    Taketora was born on February 22, which is Japan's Cat Day. Fukunaga was born on September 29, Japan’s Maneki-neko Day. His design was also based on the Maneki-neko. Yaku was born on August 8, also known as World Cat Day. 

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    Kenma's Username Is Adorable

    Whenever Kenma isn't playing volleyball, he's gaming. He does most of his gaming on a PlayStation Portable. He often uses the same username in the games he plays - applepi.

    Kenma most likely chose that name since apple pie is his favorite food. Is that cute or what?

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    Inuoka Stands Out

    Nekoma is heavily associated with cats, but they do have one member who isn't. That's So Inuoka, the team's wing spiker. His last name, Inuoka (犬岡), means Dog Hill.

    What's more, he was born on November 1, which is Dog Day in Japan.

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    The Coaches Are Worried About Being Outdone In Drinking

    The two coaches of the Nekoma volleyball team, Yasufumi Nekomata and Manabu Naoi, often go out drinking together. Nekomata is worried that he'll get wasted too quickly, while Naoi is concerned that he's not as good at drinking as he looks.

    Both of them want to be better at it than they actually are, and outlast the other. 

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    Kuroo's Hair Is Like That For A Reason

    One of Kuroo's petty concerns is his hair. While it actually looks pretty cool in animated form, it's also sticking out in ways he doesn't enjoy. But no matter how hard he tries to tame his hair, he can't get it to look any different. Apparently, this is because he sleeps on his stomach with pillows pressed against his ears and hair. 

    Speaking of his hair, in a flashback of Tsukishima's training camp that appears in Chapter 320 of the manga, Kuroo is seen with Bokuto's hair, and vice versa. 

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