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15 Things You Didn't Know About Nico Robin in 'One Piece'

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After being introduced as an enemy, Nico Robin eventually becomes an important member of the Straw Hat crew. Using her Flower-Flower Fruit, she can take on even the toughest of enemies - but there’s most to her than just her battle prowess. She also undergoes some serious character development as she moves on from her tragic past. She’s a well-loved character, but even if she’s your favorite, you may not know all there is to know about her. 

What are some things you didn't know about Robin? Let’s start with something cute: she keeps candy on her person at all times to give to Chopper. Here’s one that’s a little unnerving: she can feel everything that happens to the limbs she sprouts, even if they aren’t attached to her body. 

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    She Keeps Candy For Chopper

    Because she finds him so adorable, Robin has a huge soft spot for Chopper. One of the ways that she expresses her affection is by keeping treats on hand for him. Oda says

    "Yes! Robin loves Chopper, so she always keeps some of his favorite candy around to give to him at any time!"

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    She Can Sprout Her Breasts

    Using the powers granted by the Flower-Flower Fruit, Robin can sprout copies of her body parts on surfaces. While she often uses her limbs, she’s not limited to her limbs alone. A fan once asked if she could sprout copies of her breasts, and Oda confirmed that she could. 

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    Some Of Her Thoughts Are Left Unexpressed For A Reason

    Robin’s outward demeanor can be a bit on the spooky side, but she’s often depicted thinking about cute things like cats. When a fan asked Oda why Robin didn’t share those thoughts with the rest of the crew, he explained it this way: 

    “…From what I think, from the Punk Hazard Arc when she told Franky (in Chopper's body) not to ever make such a strange face in Chopper's body again, Robin probably likes cute things. But even though she likes cute things, she's a bit dark/creepy herself, so if she tries to put these cute thoughts to words there is a chance it may come out as scary/ominous. That's the kind of woman that Robin is.”

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    She Had The Highest Starting Bounty Of Any Crew Member

    After escaping from Ohara at the tender age of eight, Robin found herself with a huge bounty on her head - a staggering 79,000,000 berries. This high number trumps the bounties that the other Straw Hats start out with, and was given because she was believed to hold forbidden knowledge.

    Her large bounty was actually written incorrectly as 78,000,000 during a flashback. Rather than faulting Oda for the error, we’re more amazed that he usually keeps details like this straight! 

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