15 Things You Didn’t Know About Ninja Villages In ‘Naruto’

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In the world of Naruto, most ninja are affiliated with a hidden village. These hidden villages serve individual countries - for example, Konohagakure, where many of the protagonists hail from, serves the Land of Fire. These villages are the primary setting for most of what happens in the series, which is why they're so interesting to learn about.

Let's dive into the things you didn't know about the villages in Naruto. You may have known that Konoha and Sunagakure have always had a contentious relationship - but did you know that some of it is a dispute over Konoha land that Hashirama offered to Sunagakure for farming purposes? Speaking of Sunagakure land, did you know that the reason for its sunken landscape has something to do with the gods? There's plenty more info where that came from!

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    The Same Woman Embroidered Every Hokage's Haori

    When each new Hokage is inaugurated in Konoha, they are presented with a haori - that is, a traditional jacket that's worn over a kimono. Each of the seven Hokage have received their own unique haori, all of which were made by the same woman. 

    This might not sound as shocking as it is. While no one knows exactly how much time there was between Hashirama's inauguration and Naruto's, it seems to be at least 100 years. That means that this woman has not only been alive but has also been crafting haori for over a century. Will she still be around to make one for the eighth Hokage? Only time will tell.

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    Sunagakure Has Farmland In Konoha

    One of Sungakure's biggest problems is that its desert-like climate makes it hard to grow crops. During the first Kage Summit, Hashirama decided to help Sunagakure out with that by giving the village access to a plot of land that it could use for farming within Konoha itself.

    However, not everyone was happy about this arrangement, and arguments over who the land belongs to have been causing conflict between the two villages ever since. 

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    Konoha Genin Get Their First Missions Directly From The Hokage

    Most of the time, lower-ranked ninja in Konoha recieve their missions either from their Jonin instructor or from the Mission Assignment Desk. They only recieve their missions directly from the Hokage if the Hokage has a special interest in them or if the mission is especially complex. 

    But tradition states that newly minted genin in Konoha get to recieve their first mission directly from the Hokage. No matter how busy the leader might be, they make time to introduce the neophyte ninja to their new careers. It's unknown whether or not a similar tradition exists in other villages.

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    Most Of Iwagakure's Fights Against Konoha Were Spearheaded By The Kamizuru Clan

    In the early days of Iwagakure, many of their fights were won by the Kamizuru Clan. This clan had high status within the village - in fact, the first Tsuchikage is said to have been a member. The clan specialized in bee-related techniques that few other shinobi could counter.

    They were finally defeated when they tried to invade Konoha and encountered the Aburame Clan and their kikaichu techniques. This led to them losing their lofty status, and their numbers going down to the point where they became nearly nonexistent. 

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    The Hyuga Clan Has An Intense Training Ritual

    The Hyuga Clan is one of the most prominent clans in Konohagakure. They're known for being extremely powerful. While some of that is due to innate ability, some of it is due to training.

    The clan an intense training regimen that requires its members to spar 1,000 times in a row. This is known as the Senbon Sparring ritual. 

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    There Were Multiple Anti-Kazekage Factions In Sunagakure

    Because the fourth Kazekage was assassinated, not everyone in Sugakure feels secure about Gaara being in charge. In fact, there are several anti-Kazekage groups who want to make sure that whoever is in charge is strong enough to never meet that fate. 

    Because several Suna Council members purported to have started the anti-Kazekage factions have been detained, it's assumed that this resistance no longer exists, at least not to the extent that it once did.