15 Things You Didn't Know About 'One Piece' Weapons

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Whether it's swords, clubs, or mechs, the One Piece world is filled with powerful and creative weapons. Even if your favorite part of One Piece is listening to Zoro talk about his sword collection, there still might be a few bits of trivia and fun facts about One Piece weapons you've been missing out on.

What are some things you didn't know about? Here's one. Every time Franky gets inside his General Franky mecha, his hair resets to the way it looked before the time skip. Does he have a stylist in there? Here's another. Did you know that the Meito sword classification in One Piece is based on the Wazamono system in real life?

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    Only One Meito Has Ever Been Destroyed

    Meito are special-grade swords that are considered some of the best weapons in the One Piece world. Thanks to their impressive durability and the fact that their users treasure them, it's extremely rare for one to be destroyed. So rare, in fact, that it's only happened once. 

    The only Meito ever to be destroyed was the Yubashiri, which was turned into rust by Shu's Rust-Rust Fruit during the Enies Lobby arc.

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    Did Gol D. Roger Name His Son After A Sword?

    Gol D. Roger's signature sword is a cutlass that's one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito. Its name is Ace, which you might also recognize as his son's name. 

    While many fans assume that he named his son after the sword, this was never confirmed in canon. It's possible that both the sword and the person were named after the same thing.

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    Each Kitetsu Sword Is Weaker Than The Last

    The Kitetsu swords are a series of three cursed swords created by Tenguyama Hitetsu. The first of the series, the Shodai Kitetsu, is the most powerful of them all. Each successive Kitetsu sword is weaker than the last. 

    This could be intentional, since the curse is incredibly dangerous to the user, but it's not clear whether this is the case. Maybe Tenguyama's skills degraded over time.

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    Usopp Grows His Own Pop Greens

    One of Usopp's most innovative weapons are the Pop Greens - seeds that can grow into dangerous plants within seconds. How does he make sure to never run out? Oda has an explanation:

    "…I thought about showing the answer in the actual comics, but I haven't had that sort of chance. There's actually a scene concerning this in the screenplay of the movie, “Film Z,” which comes out in December. Everyone was worried because what he shoots are seeds, right? But it's alright. At the back of Sunny-Go, Usopp made a flower bed called "Usopp's Garden" where he mass produces pop greens. There's a scene in the movie where he's spraying insecticide, so those of you who see it can confirm. I'd like to include something about it in the comic as well."

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    The Meito Ranking System Is Based On The Real Wazamono Ranking System

    In the world of One Piece, there is a small group of swords called Meito that have exceptional quality and historical relevance. These are divided into the 12 Supreme Grade Swords, the 21 Great Grade Swords, and the 50 Skillful Grade Swords. 

    This system isn't unique to One Piece. In real life, a similar classification system called Wazamono is used. There are 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono (Supreme Grade), 21 Ō Wazamono (Excellent), 50 Yoki Wazamono (Very Good), and 80 Wazamono (Good). There are also 65 swords that are mixed quality.

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    The Ame no Habakiri Is Named After A Real Sword

    Some of the weapons in One Piece stem solely from Oda's imagination, but the Ame no Habakiri has roots in both mythology and the real world. There is an actual sword with this name that is displayed at the Isonokami Shrine in Tenri, Nara prefecture.

    In Shinto mythology, this sword was used by Susano-o to defeat the eight-headed dragon Orochi. 

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