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15 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About One Piece

One Piece is one of the most well-known and bestselling manga and anime in the entire world - seriously, it's in the Guinness Book of World Records for selling so many copies. Whether you're only casually aware of it or a hardcore One Piece fan, there's always something new to learn about the series, its creator, and the series' impact on the world. With that, we're kicking off a list of things you didn't know about One Piece. 

Here's one detail that might be surprising. When the series debuted in 1997. Eiichiro Oda expected in to run for about five years. This clearly hasn't happened. In 2020, Oda said he hoped to end the series within another five years - we'll see if that pans out. The series actually goes back even further than 1997 - it began with a series of pilots called Romance Dawn, which were based on ideas Oda had while still in high school. In just about every chapter of the series, you can find an easter egg character named Pandman. 

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    Oda Told A Terminally Ill Child About The Series' Finale

    The end of One Piece is a closely guarded secret, but Oda did reveal the details to one young fan, Hinati Fujinami. After months of treatment for his lung cancer, Make-a-Wish Japan offered to grant a request. Fujinami wanted to know how his favorite manga, One Piece, would end. 

    Oda was happy to fulfil Fujinami's request. Whatever he said to the boy made him quite happy. Though he was asked not to reveal the ending, he did say that "One Piece is beautiful." 

    Sadly, Fujinami passed away in 2014. Hopefully, having his final wish granted made his passing a little easier.

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    Oda Doesn't Take Suggestions

    After a fan wrote in with a suggestion for a Devil Fruit, Oda didn't just reject the idea. He took things one step further by clarifying that in general, he doesn't like to take suggestions from anyone. Instead, he wants to succeed or fail by his own merits. 

    "...right, I don't ask for suggestions. And I won't. I don't need them. This might sound a bit cold, but I don't want other people's ideas... The editors and people at Jump sometimes change, but every time there is a new one, the first thing I tell them is to not give me suggestions. I want to have the confidence to say that I thought up all the people and the entire story by myself! If I rely on people once, I might keep doing it, and if it's a failure, I'll blame it on them. But if I succeed, it's because of my own ability, and if I fail, it's my own fault. I like that. Although I might want ideas on things that have nothing to do with the main story... Like the covers with Straw Hats and animals. I'd love to get ideas for those. If you write "I'd like to see this animal and this person do something" on a scrap of paper for me, I'd love to draw that!"

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    Real Memorials Exist For Fallen Characters

    Sure, characters like Ace and Whitebeard aren't real, but fans still had real feelings when they lost their lives. One way to deal with those feelings is by visiting the real-world gravesites that were put up by Universal Studios Japan. Whitebeard's is especially large, owing to his massive size within the series itself. 

    According to a tip from /r/JapanTravel, these monuments are most likely to be available to the public in the summer, but there is no guarantee of them being displayed every year. 

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    Some Scenes Moved The Creator To Tears

    They say that when a creator is emotionally moved by their own work, chances are high that the readers will be too. A fan asked Oda if there were any scenes in his own manga that made him cry. He said that there were plenty, but zeroed in on one scene in particular. 

    "Personally, there really are lots of scenes that made me tear up as I drew them. There are even times where the drawing becomes so tough for me from all the feelings, that I have to leave my desk for a breather. As for the scene that made me cry the most, or rather, the scene that was especially tough for me to draw, I do remember that the scene from the Alabasta arc where Vivi keeps screaming "Please...!!! Stop fighting!!!" (Volume 23) was so hard to draw that I had to put my pen down. Though there are countless instances like this the more I try to recall. I guess it would have to be this one---."

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