20 Things You Didn’t Know About Pro Heroes In ‘My Hero Academia’

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The Pro Heroes are some of the most fascinating characters in the world of My Hero Academia. Many of them are incredibly strong, which is cool enough on its own, but they also have a ton of experience under their belts that make them all the more compelling. But no matter how much you might like them, there are probably still a few things you didn't know about the pro heroes in My Hero Academia.

Let's dive into some of the My Hero Academia trivia pertaining to the pros. Here's one to start with - if Gran Torino reminds you of Yoda, you're not wrong to think so, because Horikoshi confirmed that he was intentionally based on the Star Wars mentor. Here's something that might not have been intentional on Horikoshi's part - the only way that Endeavor can possibly have type AB blood when Shoto has type O blood is if they're either not related or if Endeavor has a super rare blood type.

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    Bubble Girl & Centipeder Were Designed By Fans

    Horikoshi isn't responsible for every design in MHA. Two pro heroes, Bubble Girl and Centipeder, were created by fans who won a contest. 

    In Abara Chiita's original Bubble Girl design, she as a 16-year-old student at U.A. She was aged up and turned into a pro hero. Oohara Tetsuya designed Centipeder. 

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    Mt. Lady Was Based On Ochaco's O.G. Design

    Mt. Lady Was Based On Ochaco's O.G. Design
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    Before Horikoshi came up with Mt. Lady, he came up with her design and quirk. He intended to use both of these for Ochaco, but ended up scrapping the idea since a gigantification quirk would cause a lot of problems for a main character. But for Mt. Lady, who only appears in the series occasionally, it's just fine. 

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    Hawks' Childhood Is Inspired By A Real Person's

    During an interview with Honyasan App, Horikosshi's then-editor Yoritomi explained that Hawks' difficult childhood was partially inspired by the biography of Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi. He said:

    "You might be familiar with the overseas soccer player Lionel Messi, but his backstory is that at a young age he was scouted by Barcelona and joined. His father had lost his job and couldn’t afford the hormone medical treatment Messi needed for his illness, but thanks to his talent for soccer FC Barcelona agreed to cover the medical expenses for them. In exchange for receiving that money, Messi had to agree to live in Spain and only play soccer from a very young age.

    During the World Cup I told that story to Mr. Horikoshi. I love soccer and when Mr. Horikoshi found out he started putting on the World Cup whenever I was there waiting for the manuscript and such. While watching it, Mr. Horikoshi himself slowly started getting interested in soccer too, and when I told him about Messi he told me he thought it was an interesting story. The next week, or maybe the week after that, Hawks’ story was born. So it’s kind of a modification, like he kind of wanted to make the other party seem a bit bad, that kind of thing."

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    Midnight Is The Reason For Hero Costume Regulations

    Prior to Midnight's first extremely revealing hero costume, there were no specific regulations about how much skin a hero costume could show. Likely, no one thought that anyone would take things as far as Midnight did - but after her first costume, stricter regulations were put in place. 

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    Mirko's Hero Name Is Inspired By A Real World Fighter

    Most pro heroes choose names that feel somehow connected to their quirk, their real name, or some other important attribute. In Mirko's case, it's a little hard to tell where she gets her name from - that is, unless you're a big fan of Croatian mixed martial artists. According to an omake in Volume 20, Mirko's hero name is inspired by Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipović, a former Croatian mixed martial artist, kickboxer and boxer.

    His special move was a left high roundhouse kick that was so fast that some referred to it as  "right leg, hospital; left leg, cemetery." This likely explains Mirko's affinity for high-powered kicks. 

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    Present Mic Is Named After A Real Radio Personality

    Despite working as both a pro hero and an English teacher, Present Mic somehow also manages to host a weekly music radio show called "Put Your Hands Up Radio." Why radio? It might have something to do with his real name, Yamada Hizashi. There's a famous Japanese radio personality named Yamada Hisashi (やまだひさし or 山田ひさし) who hosts "Hisashi Yamada's Radi-Unlimited" in TOKYO FM. Present Mic was most likely inspired by him.