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20 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Quirks In MHA

In the world of My Hero Academia, 80% of the population is born with a quirk, or superpower. These can include basically anything: shooting fireballs, using every power a frog has at their disposal, talking to animals, and more. If you're an MHA fan, you probably knew all that - but there may still be things you didn't know about MHA quirks.

For this list, we've collected some fun facts and trivia about the superpowers that define the series. Just like how Japanese amusement parks asked parkgoers to do in 2020 for safety reasons, you have to "scream inside your heart' to activate One For All. Also, creator Kohei Horikoshi has an unexpected favorite of all of the quirks he's created: tape!

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    Hardening Is Stronger Than Steel

    When Eijiro Kirishima fought Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu during the U.A. Sports Festival, he just barely squeaked by with a win after resorting to an arm-wrestling contest. 

    The reason that he was able to keep going when Tetsutetsu's steel body cracked is that Kirishima can harden his body with no limits, while Tetsutetsu can't get any stronger than steel. Right now, the two are close to the same level of strength, but Kirishima's quirk is more powerful and has more potential.   

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    Electricity Quirks Are Highly Valued In Universe

    Perhaps because of their utility outside of the world of heroism, electricity quirks are highly valued in the job market. This means that if Denki Kaminari can master his quirk, he has a ton of options open to him both inside and outside of the hero world. 

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    Earphone Jack Was The First Quirk Horikoshi Created

    Horikoshi claims that the first quirk he ever came up with was Kyoka Jirou's quirk, Earphone Jack. In fact, he says he came up with it before he ever started planning My Hero Academia.

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    Individual Engine Users Require Different Fuel

    In order to fuel the engines in his leg, Tenya Iida needs to drink orange juice. However, orange juice isn't the fuel of choice for everyone who uses Engine - it varies. His brother Tensei uses grape juice to keep his motor running instead. 

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