15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Revolutionary Army In ‘One Piece’

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Headed by Luffy's father Monkey D. Dragon, the Revolutionary Army is a powerful military force that directly opposes the World Government. Specifically, they hope to take down the World Nobles of Mary Geoise. With such a noble goal, many One Piece fans would be proud to wave the Revolutionary Army's flag. 

Want to learn some One Piece trivia about the Revolutionary Army? Here's an interesting fact: Did you know that Belo Betty's character design and Devil Fruit were inspired by Eugene Delacrois's painting, Liberty Leading the PeopleFans know that because Oda confirmed it, but one thing that isn't clear is what Monkey D. Dragon's powers are. There's some evidence suggesting he has wind-based abilities - but does he really?

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    How Did Sabo Meet Koala And Hack?

    Sabo, Koala, and Hack are friends and colleagues in the Revolutionary Army. A fan was curious about how they got to know each other, and wrote into the SBS column to find out. Oda offered a detailed explanation:

    Firstly, there is Sabo who was rescued by Dragon when he was around 10 years old. He then meets the Revolutionary Army and learns about things happening in the world, and their thoughts on it. Finally, he sympathizes with them.

    That's when he meets Hack who, as a master in Fish-Man Karate, teaches martial arts to children without prospects that are raised by the army. However, Sabo carries no memories. But he isn't a boy anymore on a level such of someone who can still be taught something. Taken under Dragon's wing, he shows great skills and grows rapidly.

    That's when Sabo is 13 years old. A 14-year-old girl called Koala is brought along by Hack and joins the Revolutionary Army. She takes Fish-Man Karate lessons under Hack and even becomes Master Assistant. The obliging Hack and Koala are, together with Sabo, increasingly assigned to missions as a team due to their good affinity.

    Yes, the order of their encounter has this kind of vibe. The story is broached in the anime, but I think there is not enough room to tell everything.

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    Belo Betty Was Inspired By A Painting

    The commander of the East Army, Belo Betty, has a Devil Fruit that helps her encourage others to keep fighting. She also frequently carries a flag.

    Her appearance and abilities were directly inspired by Marianne, a figure from Eugene Delacrois's painting, Liberty Leading the People.

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    Oda Had Plans For Kuma From The Start

    They don't call Oda the master of planning for nothing. Back when he first introduced Kuma's character in 2002, he already knew he wanted to have Kuma separate the Straw Hats.

    This was an event that would not take place until 2008, so it really shows Oda's forethought.

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    Ivankov Has Two Models

    A fan correctly guessed that Ivankov is based on Dr. Frank-N-Furter from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Oda confirmed that he did draw some inspiration from the film for Ivankov and the rest of Kama-land. But he also had another model in mind - actor Norio Imamura, who was the first voice actor to play Ivankov: 

    Yes, that's right. [The Rocky Horror Picture Show] is a movie that everyone who knows B-Horror knows about, and I can't help but love it - it's the model for the entire Kama-land. Or that's what it looks like, but there's actually one more model for Ivankov. A real okama who made me want to write more okama characters after I had created Bon-chan! I first met him in the theater where Luffy's seiyuu Tanaka Mayumi works, and - wow, powerful! His name is Imamura Norio-san, but I thought his face looked so much like a rock, so I mistakenly remembered it as "Iwamura" (iwa = rock), and then I started calling him "Iva-san." What surprised me even more was that Imamura-san, who knew he was the model for Iva-san, went to the seiyuu audition for the anime and brilliantly scored his part. In other words, the real okama who inspired the creation of Iva-san, Imamura Norio-san, is right now playing the part of Iva-san in the TV anime. He's powerful!

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    Does Dragon Actually Have Wind Powers?

    Dragon has rarely been seen in action, so while it can be assumed that he's powerful, his specific abilities remain unknown. Some fans have speculated that he has the ability to control the wind.

    This idea arose because when he appeared in both Goa Kingdom and Loguetown, strong blasts of wind appeared out of nowhere, which were instrumental in helping Dragon achieve his goals. His ship's name, the Wind Granma, also supports this theory.

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    Their Ship Takes Its Name From The Real World

    The Revolutionary Army uses a ship called the Wind Granma.

    Granma is also the name of a yacht that was used in November 1956 to carry 82 combatants in the Cuban Revolution from Mexico to Cuba so they could oppose Fulgencio Batista's regime. 

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