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15 Things You Didn't Know About Roronoa Zoro

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Roronoa Zoro is a member of the Straw Hat Pirates who spends his days napping, arguing with Sanji, and showing off some of the sickest sword-based moves in anime history. If you're one of his many fans, you might want to know more about him. We've got you covered with a whole list of things you didn't know about Roronoa Zoro. 

Here's a cool detail - he's the only member of the Straw Hats who was named after a real pirate from history. That pirate's name is Francois l’Olonnais, and he's considered to be one of the most brutal pirates in the world. Another thing you might not have noticed - Zoro never uses Sanji's actual name. Mostly, he either insults him or calls him by his job title. 


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    Oda Knew That Zoro Would Lose An Eye From The Start

    Though it's not clear exactly how it happened, Zoro loses an eye during the time skip. Apparently, this was planned long before the time skip happened.

    Before writing One Piece, Oda worked as an assistant for Rurouni Kenshin author Nobuhiro Watsuki. Shortly after One Piece was published in 1997, Oda told Watsuki that he planned on having Zoro lose an eye. This actually led to Watsuki scrapping his plans to create a one-eyed protagonist in Gun Blaze West, because he didn't want people to think that his former assistant had copied his idea. 

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    Zoro's Reputation Led Him To Luffy

    In most cases, Luffy asks people to join the Straw Hat Pirates when he comes across them randomly and is either impressed by their skills or forms some sort of bond with them. Zoro is an exception to this. Luffy sought him out because of his reputation as an expert swordsman, and tried to persuade him to join from the moment he first met him. 

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    Zoro Never Seems To Use Sanji's Name

    Zoro and Sanji are known for their tense relationship. One way that that's expressed is by Zoro pretty much never calling Sanji by his name. A reader named Little Marron actually counted up all the things that Zoro does call Sanji, which include rude things like "Stupid" (バカ Baka), "You bastard" (てめェ Temee) and more neutral things like "Cook" (コック Kokku). But they never include his name. The reader asked Oda about this, and he responded like this:

    "...Okay. Thank you very much, Little Marron! So you counted them all... This was very fun to read! Some of these terms made me wonder when they'd said these things. Indeed, I have trouble imagining Zoro calling him "Sanji" by name. Not once, eh? Wow. Well, they might not get along well, but they're both valuable, trustworthy men who have Luffy's back. So let's forgive them their squabbles (laughs)."

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    His Sleep Schedule Is Pretty Messed Up

    Nami often criticizes Zoro for being lazy when he falls asleep during the daytime. But it's likely that Zoro actually needs that extra sleep since he's not getting enough of it at night. He typically falls asleep around 4 AM, and wakes up at 7, which is only about three hours of continuous sleep. Combine that with all the training he does, and it's no wonder he's so tired!

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