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15 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About The Sand Trio

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When we first meet Gaara and his older siblings Temari and Kankuro, Gaara is a violent jinchuuriki controlled by anger, trauma, and the One-Tails, and his siblings both love him and fear him. They've changed a lot over the course of the series, especially Gaara, which is why he's a fan favorite. Temari and Kankuro might not get as much attention, but they're still pretty awesome in their own right. All three have hidden trivia and details about them that are worth knowing.

This list is going to be heavily weighted towards Temari and Kankuro, because Gaara already has his own list. So, you'll be learning about Kankuro's connection with kabuki and bunraku, and the fact that Temari apparently wants to fight her husband. But a few Gaara details will come up, like the fact that he and his sister have complimentary hobbies. 

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    They Don't Have A Surname

    The Sand Sibling's family is known canonically as the Kazekage Clan, but this isn't because it's their family's surname - it's because both Gaara and his father held the title of Kazekage. 

    This is actually not unusual in Sunagakure - most residents don't have surnames. 

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    Temari Wanted A Rematch With Shikamaru

    When discussing her desired opponent, the databook says that Temari wants a rematch with Shikamaru.

    It's not clear whether she still wants this by the Boruto timeline. If she did, it'd be pretty easy for her to accomplish since she's married to the man. That said, he might be putting it off because it's 'too troublesome.' 

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    Temari Taught Wind Release To Mirai & Shikadai

    Wind Release is Temari's specialty, and she doesn't keep it to herself. First, she teaches it to Mirai Sarutobi, Asuma and Kurenai's daughter. Being the daughter of Shikamaru's late sensei, Mirai has a close relationship with the Nara clan, which Temari married into. Wind Release was also Asuma's specialty, so the fact that Temari was the one to teach her instead was bittersweet

    She also imparted her skills to her son Shikadai. At first, Shikadai was preoccupied with learning the signature Shadow Release techniques of the Nara clan, but he eventually decides to broaden his horizons and learn his mom's moves, too. 

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    Kankuro's Face Paint Is Purple For A Reason

    Each time the characters undergo a design change, Kankuro's face paint changes too. But no matter how the shape may change, the color stays the same. The reason why it remains purple may have to do with what each color symbolizes in the art of kabuki makeup. Purple symbolizes nobility and loftiness, which connects Kankuro with his lineage as the son and brother of two Kazakages. 

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