Things You Didnt Know About Sex Coaches  

Jacob Shelton
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Aside from eating an entire pizza by yourself, sex is the best ways to spend an evening. Except for maybe eating an entire pizza by yourself during sex. Anyway, even if you’re having a ton of interesting, safe, and fun sex, you’re probably still worried you’re doing it wrong. If that sounds like you, maybe you need a sex coach.

What are sex coaches? The term is a catchall for people who know a lot about sex, but for the most part, sex coaches are trained professionals who studied either physiology or psychology to better understand human desire and the physicality of sex. Each sex instructor focuses on different style of intercourse (tantric, BDSM, anal, etc), and they’re in business to help you get better at pleasing your partner.

Read on to learn more about these professional facilitators of carnal pleasure. 
They'll Make You Suck Bananas Like You Mean It
At the "Oral Sex Basics: Fellatio" class in Los Angeles' Babeland, one of the the main forms of practice involves putting a condom on a banana with your mouth. Students are then instructed on different forms of fellatio, which they practice on their banana boyfriends until they're presumably blended into the world's most disgusting smoothie. 
They Bring Props

For an article for Nerve, writer and curmudgeon Jonathan Ames attended a class for men who needed help with their oral sex skills. Throughout the class, Ames and the two other men in the class were given balloons to suck and ripe peaches to lick - of course this comes after some time spent discussing the parts of the vagina.

"She had mentioned the clitoral hood while showing us the diagram, and indicated now that one should 'not lift the hood,' that the clitoris was too sensitive to be exposed this way. This was very good information."
They Want You to Like Anal
One of the most important aspects of being a sex coach is getting clients comfortable with their bodies, while showing them how to stimulate a partner's erogenous zones. At an oral sex class covered in an issue of Redbook, instructors are adamant about students getting over their fear of the almighty anus, seeing as how it plays an important role in pleasure. Given that this was an oral sex class, it's safe to assume your sex therapist wants you to rim, and be rimmed in turn.  Isn't that in the Bible? 
They Know How to Get You Comfortable with Sadomasochism
If articles available on the subject are any indication, it seems like most students in sex classes are journalists or nervous couples, both of whom are typically very uncomfortable. In a Salon piece on a BDSM class, it's obvious the instructors are used to students being uncomfortable with S&M. No worries, though. The teachers know how to persuade students to do things they're uncomfortable with - even if it turns out to be a part of a really bad date.