15 Things You Didn’t Know About Skypiea In ‘One Piece’

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The Skypiea arc is one of the earlier arcs in One Piece. At 43 episodes in length, it's far from the longest arc in the series, but it's one of the longer ones towards the beginning. It introduces concepts that will appear later in the series, such as Haki, and it adds more information about Poneglyphs. Some people find the arc to be skippable, but others think it's one of the greatest arcs in the series. Wherever you fall, you might still want to know more about the One Piece Skypiea arc. There's plenty of interesting trivia to be learned about the Skypiea arc episodes and characters, so let's get into it.

What are some things you didn't know about Skypiea? A lot of people found Gan Fall's declaration that he liked pumpkin juice to be confusing - why did he say that, and why was Wyper so offended? There's actually a deep cultural reason for that. Speaking of culture, did you know Skypiea is based on the real-world nation of Guatemala?

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    Nola Is The Second-Oldest Creature In The Series

    Nola is over 400 years old, which is extraordinarily old for any creature, especially a snake. For a real-world comparison, the oldest snake to live in captivity was Ben, who lived for 42 years and six days. 

    Nola is the second-oldest being in One Piece - the oldest being Zunesha, who is over 1,000 years old.

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    Oda Named The Priests After Religious Concepts

    A fan noticed that Enel's priests are all named after actual Buddhist concepts, and wrote in to ask Oda if this was intentional. Oda explained that it was, but was apologetic about it: 

    D: Hello, Oda. I have a question about the priests in Skypiea. Gedatsu (being liberated from earthly desires), Shura (a Buddhism divinity), Satori (enlightenment, comprehension), and Yama (another Buddhism divinity)… Since it's God's Land, did you name them after religious concepts? Also, if you don't mind, could you tell us where Ohm's name comes from? Thank you very much!

    O: Yes, that's right. I'm not very religious myself. “Ohm” comes from a holy word in the Hindu faith, which is written like this: ॐ. 

    My apologies to all the religious people out there.

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    Mont Blanc Noland Has A Lot In Common With Kozuki Oden

    In many ways, Mont Blanc Noland is a precursor to a character who will show up much later - Kozuki Oden. Both of them went on ambitious journeys, with Noland attempting to sail around the world, and Oden traversing the whole grand line. Both of them were accused of similar wrongdoings - Noland of lying about the city of gold, and Oden of being unintelligent and a poor leader. 

    Finally, both were unfairly executed in brutal ways - Noland was beheaded at age 39 by his nation's king, while Oden was boiled alive by shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido - also at age 39. 

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    What Would Enel's Bounty Be?

    Since Enel is from Skypiea, he's not really subject to the whole bounty thing that people in the Blue Sea are. A fan asked Oda what Enel's bounty would be if he ever did come to the Blue Sea. Oda said

    Knowing how tricky he would be to beat, I'd imagine he could reach as much as 500,000,000. Luffy was lucky to be rubber. But like Luffy said, there [are] all sorts of even crazier guys down on the Blue Sea. Enel would NOT rule it.

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    The Shandians, Skypieans, And Birkans May Have Originally Been The Same People

    Originally, the Skypieans, Shandorians (later called the Shandians), and Birkans all came from the moon. Drawings found on the moon depict a single group of people who appear to be striving toward the same goals. 

    It's possible that these three groups may have once been members of the same race, although this is not confirmed. One piece of evidence that implies they might have been the same is that the Skypieans and the Shandorians have nearly identical wings. Whether or not they have the same origins, there is no mention of their separation anywhere in the series - it is only implied.

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    The Knock-Up Stream Is Similar To A Real Phenomenon

    The Knock-Up Stream is one of the best-known methods for traveling to Skypiea. Though it's not a real phenomenon, it seems to be inspired by the real world. 

    Limnic eruptions are an uncommon natural phenomenon in which excess carbon dioxide is released from the bottom of a deep lake, creating a cloud of gas and displacing the water. Geysers, which are created by intense pressure and heat, are massive water streams that resemble fountains. Both of these events combined resemble the Knock-Up Stream.