Total Nerd Why Terry Crews Is The Coolest, Nerdiest Jock In Hollywood  

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There are probably a lot of things you didn't know about Terry Crews — he was in the NFL even though he got into college on an art scholarship, he's designed furniture after initially specializing in drawing, and he builds computers. But he's also your favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine sergeant: the athletic, artistically gifted, and perhaps above all else, nerdy Terry Crews.

Of course, Crews's filmography includes much more than the Fox comedy (although many of his best lines come courtesy of his role as Andy Samberg's boss: e.g., "Terry loves yogurt!"). But his acting career isn't necessarily why Terry Crews is the best — it's all the other stuff about him, and most importantly the fact that he's just a good person that makes Crews a hero.

A lot of these facts about Terry Crews might surprise you but at the end of the day they can only make you love him more.

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Crews Is Good To His Fans, As Evidenced By This Debit Card Situation

Darrel Kennedy is a big fan of Terry Crews, so much so that she wanted to put his visage on her debit card. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo would not allow her to do so without the actor's written consent. Cue social media. Kennedy tweeted: 

And less than an hour later, Crews replied: 


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He Did A Live Stream As He Painted Holiday Scenes

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On December 15, 2018, NBC streamed Terry Crews as he painted a holiday scene. NBC put up the stream for 24 hours - titled "A Very Terry Christmas: Get Cozy With Terry Crews" - looping the same one-hour footage of Crews painting a Christmas tree. Crews narrates how he is painting in Bob Ross fashion, and it was easily one of the best holiday de-stressors of 2018.


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As He Does About Everything, Crews Had A Great Attitude About His Old Spice Commercials


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Ad Age magazine asked Crews, "Your Old Spice commercials are so out there. Did you get the humor when it was pitched or did you have to trust them?" Always the optimist, Crews responded,

"It was trust out of the gate. I never wanted to be one who just fit in anyway. They actually didn't think I would do it. I saw the creative and I said, 'Holy sh*t, this is amazing! I want to be a part of this.' It's always my mantra: Love it, hate it, just don't forget it."

Crews's positive attitude is infectious, and it's one of the reasons he's so beloved. It helps that he actually engages with his fans.

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'Ad Age' Magazine Commissioned Crews To Illustrate One Of Their Covers

As Ad Age magazine was interviewing Crews for their "Creativity 50" Edition, it made perfect sense to have him do the cover art as well. In the image, whimsically titled "Mount Crushmore," Crews depicted himself, Rihanna, Stephen Colbert, and Melissa McCarthy in their own Mount Rushmore — they were all honorees of the magazine. The first question posed to Crews for the interview was, "What does the word 'creativity' mean to you?"

"It's two words," he responded, "'Vulnerability' and 'authenticity.' You have to be open to anything new. That's the deal. But you also have to be true to your values."

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