20 Things You Didn't Know About Thriller Bark In 'One Piece'

The Thriller Bark arc is the is the eighteenth story arc in One Piece. While the Straw Hats are on their way to the Floridian Triangle, they come across a haunted island-turned-ship called Thriller Bark. When their shadows are stolen by Gecko Moria, they must scramble to get them back before morning. Things get even more bonkers from there, but in the end they went up taking on a new crewmate, Brook.

Even if it's your favorite arc, there might still be a few things you didn't know about Thriller Bark. For example, did you know that Eiichiro Oda once considered making Gecko Moria into a pastor with a split personality? That would have been a wildly different story. Also, did you know that Ryuma the zombie samurai first appeared in a one-shot that Oda published in 1994? 

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    The Country Oars Created May Still Exist

    About 500 years ago, Oars was known as the Continent Puller. He created an entire nation that he ruled over with help from his villainous underlings. While this hasn't been confirmed, it's rumored that the nation that he created still exists. It'd be interesting to find out what it's called and what its culture is like! 

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    Hogback & Gecko Moria Are Among The Only Characters To Keep Their Laughs In The Funimation Dub

    Hogback & Gecko Moria Are Among The Only Characters To Keep Their Laughs In The Funimation Dub
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    One of the most fun - and occasionally annoying - things about the original Japanese version of the anime is the unique and ridiculous laughs of some of the characters. But many of these laughs didn't make it into the Funimation dub. Hogback and Gecko Moria's laughs are among the few who got to keep their signature laughs. 

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    The Straw Hats Correctly Predicted What Might Happen During Thriller Bark

    When Kokoro tells the Straw Hats about the Florian Triangle - the setting of Thriller Bark - they wonder about what they might see when they get there. It turns out that they're all pretty good at making predictions - everything they mentioned came true in some form.

    For example, Chopper was afraid of meeting ghosts, which happened when he met Perona and had to deal with her powers. Luffy wanted to encounter a living skeleton, which he was able to do when he met Brook. Nami was worried about ghost ships - they saw both the Rumbar Pirates' former ship and Thriller Bark itself. Robin predicted treasure, which they found on Thriller Bark. Zoro hoped the treasure might include a sword - he got Shusui when he battled Ryuma. Are the Straw Hats psychic or something?

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    Oars Isn't From Elbaf

    At 67 meters tall, Oars appears to be a giant - although he's definitely bigger than the average giant. In fact, he's said to be as big as four of them put together. Some might assume that because he's a giant, he must hail from Elbaf, but according to Oda, that's not true.

    "You know how there's always one REALLY BIG guy in your class? Oars is a giant, but he's even huger than normal, among them. He's not a warrior of Elbaf. There are multiple islands around the world with giants living on them. He's just a big huge, evil giant from one of those islands. That's Oars!"

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    Who Was Hogback Inspired By?

    We don't know for sure whether Hogback was inspired by another fictional character, but there are a few that famous ones that he strongly resembles. 

    The first is Victor Frankenstein, the scientist from Mary Shelley's classic Sci-Fi novel who worked to bring the dead back to life. If not Frankenstein, he might be based on Dr. Herbert West from the Cthulhu Mythos, who does basically the same thing. Another possibility is Charles Beaumont from the 1932 film White Zombie. Beaumont tried to obtain voodoo powers in order to get a woman to fall in love with him, and as a result, she turned into a zombie. 

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    Captain John Was First Mentioned Much Earlier

    In Chapter Chapter 233, Buggy mentions that he's searching for Captain John's treasure. In Chapter 451, he reappears as a zombie. Here's what Oda has to say about this little-known detail:

    "The man whose treasure Buggy and crew were searching for had become a zombie at Thriller Bark. Look close at Captain John's stomach. He has several slashes in his belly, and two swords sticking right out. These were the marks left when his crew killed him for keeping the treasure a secret from them. John died, and the location of the treasure became a legend, lost forever."