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15 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Tobirama Senju

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Tobirama may not get much screen time, but he's one of the most important figures in Konoha history. He was among the villages' founders and would take a formal leadership role when he became the second hokage. Most fans know at least that much, and probably more, but there may still be some Tobirama trivia that left to learn about him. 

What are some things you didn't know about Tobirama Senju? Well, you may have known that he was a talented sensor, but did you know that he could read chakra signatures from other countries, or that he could determine a person's ancestry through that chakra? You may have known that he created multiple jutsu, but did you know that many of them were banned due to being dangerous or morally wrong? 

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    His Sensory Abilities Were Off The Hook

    Nobody beats Tobirama when it comes to sensory abilities. He could sense a person's chakra no matter how far away they were, even if they were in another country. He could identify personal traits like their ancestry, and figure out his target's location with his eyes closed. In order to track multiple targets at once, all he had to do was touch the ground they'd stepped on. 

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    He Invented A Ton Of Jutsu

    Tobirama wasn't just a genius at learning jutsu, he also created some complex ones of his own. One noteworthy justsu is Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation, which allows the deceased to be brought back to life at the expense of a human life. This technique would play a major role in the Fourth Shinobi War, and would result in Tobirama himself being revived. 

    There's also the Flying Thunder God Jutsu, which would later be perfected by Minato Namikaze, and the Shadow Clone Jutsu, which would become a staple in many shinobi's arsenals, particularly Naruto Uzumaki's.

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    He Created Multiple Konoha Institutions

    Just about everything that exists in Konoha can be traced back to the Second Hokage. Not only did he found the village itself, he was also individually responsible for starting Ninja Academy, Anbu, and the Chuunin Exams.

    These institutions were wildly successful, which led most other ninja villages to create their own versions. 

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    Many Of His Created Techniques Were Banned

    Though Tobirama's invented jutsu were enormously useful, many of them were labeled kinjutsu - meaning, they were banned from use by most shinobi. In some cases, it's obvious why they were banned - Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation requires a human sacrifice to work, and the Mutually Multiplying Explosive Tags also destroys its user. 

    But the reason behind the banning of others, like the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, might not be quite so clear. Creating even one shadow clone halves the user's chakra, which means that creating hundreds can render most users almost totally defenseless. Unless your chakra reserves are hokage-level or above, this technique is too dangerous to be attempted. 

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