15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Uchiha Clan

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The Uchiha clan has a unique place in Konoha's history. Pushed to the margins of the village because they were thought to be too dangerous, they eventually became the threat everyone assumed they would become. Then, they were tragically wiped out, leaving the few survivors to act out of broiling hatred. It took a long time for the remnants of the clan to be able to live peacefully with the rest of the village. But there's more to the Uchiha clan than just their sad story. There's also a lot of fascinating Naruto trivia to be learned. 

What are some things you didn't know about the Uchiha clan? Here's something nice and non-depressing - the clan ran a senbei (rice cracker) shop that was said to produce some of the best rice crackers around. Looking for something a little darker? Shisui's name has an upsetting connection to his demise. Oh, and did you know that Mikoto Uchiha might actually have a Sharingan after all?

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    Sharingan Users Literally See Red

    While this isn't shown to happen within the anime or manga, Itachi Shinden: Book of Bright Light describes activating the Sharingan as literally dyeing their vision red.

    We have to wonder how that impacts their overall perception of the world.

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    Shisui's Name Reflects His Demise

    Shisui loses his life after throwing himself into the Naka River in order to keep his eyes out of enemy hands and to try and awaken Itachi's Mangekyo. While this was tragic, it was also predictable. Why? Because while his name is written as うちはシスイ, which is katakana, the kanji version of his name is quite grim.

    Shi (死, Death) and Sui (水, Water), come together to make Shisui or "death water." Alternatively, "Shisui" (止水) can mean "still water" or "stagnant water."

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    What Happens If An Uchiha And A Hyuga Have Children?

    Unless Boruto and Sarada grow up and have children, it seems unlikely that a member of the Hyuga clan and a member of the Uchiha clan will ever reproduce. Even if that particular ship does sail, it still wouldn't be a parent with a Byakugan and a parent with a Sharingan, since Boruto has the Jogan Eye rather than the Byakugan. 

    But if such a union were to occur, what would the child inherit? Kishimoto has an answer. In the Third Databook, he said that such a child would have one Sharingan and one Byakugan. 

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    Madara Gave Konohagakure Its Name

    Before Tobirama decided that Madara was too unstable to be a leader, Hashirama wanted Madara to become the first Hokage. While this never came to pass, Madara did have a big impact on Konohagakure as a fledgling community - he chose its name.

    It literally translates to "The Village Hidden in the Leaves," and refers to the lush greenery that surrounds the village.

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    They Have A Dress Code

    Members of the Uchiha clan are not required to wear a precise uniform, but they do have a dress code. At first, they tended to wear dark, high-collared mantles. These mantles eventually gave way to modern T-shirts.

    Their clothing prominently displays their clan symbol. This was once so important that Uchiha clan members wouldn't wear back armor during fights because they didn't want to hide the symbol on their clothing. 

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    The Meaning Of Their Name Goes Deep

    The name Uchiha is actually an alternate pronunciation for uchiwa (団扇, paper fan). This fan is a part of their clan symbol and is a reference to the fact that many of them have fire-based jutsu - fire being something that can be fanned by fans. 

    A few members use a tool that resembles a gunbai-uchiwa, which was once used by Japanese military commanders to give orders to troops. 

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