15 Interesting Things You Might Not Know About Vegeta

Vegeta is one of the most well-known and well-loved characters in anime history, but even the most passionate fans may not know everything about him. For this list, we'll be looking at trivia and fun facts about the Prince of Saiyans. 

On the meta end of things, his creator Akira Toriyama isn't a huge fan of his - he even specifically ended his life because fans asked him not to. He has plenty of fans, but not all of them appreciate him the way he'd probably want to be appreciated - he ranked super high on a popularity poll about tsunderes! Within the series itself, there's the fact that out of all the Z Fighters, he's taken the most lives, and he's the first mortal to ever fell a God of Destruction.

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    The Original Super Saiyan God Looks Like Vegeta

    Yamoshi is an ancient Saiyan god who was the first known being to transform into a Super Saiyan. For reasons that haven't been fully explained, he looks almost exactly like Vegeta. It's possible that this means that they're related by blood. It's not unusual for royalty to have such lofty connections, and it might explain why most people assumed that Vegeta would be able to go Super Saiyan before it ever happened.

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    Toriyama Wanted To Make A Movie With Vegeta As The Protagonist

    After Battle of Gods came out in 2013, Akira Toriyama said in an interview that if there was another movie, he wanted it to feature Vegeta as the protagonist. However, he made sure to clarify that this was simply a desire and not something that he had any concrete plans for. It's a good thing that he did make that clear, because any Vegeta fans who took it to heart were likely to be disappointed. As usual, Goku was the protagonist of the next film. 

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    He Was The First Mortal To Beat A God Of Destruction

    Defeating a deity is no small feat, but Vegeta managed to do just that. He took down Top, a God of Destruction from Universe 11, before any other mortal had done anything similar. To accomplish this, he had to access his Super Saiyan God SS Evolved Form.

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    He Has The Second Highest Body Count Of All Of The Z-Fighters

    Though Vegeta likely wouldn't be thrilled to hear he's only second, but it's true - he has the second-highest kill count out of all of the Z-Fighters. His victims include Nappa, Zarbon, Android 19, multiple innocent people, himself, and many more.