20 Things You Didn’t Know About Wano In ‘One Piece’

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If you're up to date on One Piece, then you're currently experiencing the incredible One Piece Wano arc. If you haven't caught up quite yet, there's a lot to look forward to, including amazing characters, new and complex stories, beautiful art, great fight scenes, and more. For this list, we're taking a look at some One Piece trivia centered around this arc.

What are some things you didn't know about Wano? Many fans have theorized that Zoro could have heritage in Wano. According to Oda, there's a good chance that theory is correct. Also, did you know that Wano is the only location to first appear in non-canon One Piece material? It debuted at a special event held in Kyoto.

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    Oden's Demise Reflects The Fate Of A 16th-Century Folk Hero

    Oden was executed in a particularly cruel way - he was boiled alive in a pot of oil. This may not have been entirely the product of Oda's macabre imagination. Most likely, it was inspired by the demise of Ishikawa Goemon, a legendary Japanese figure from the 16th century. 

    There are multiple versions of Goemon's story, but one version sees him attempting to assassinate Hideyoshi in order to avenge his wife Otaki and retrieve his son Gobei. Goemon was captured and sentenced to be boiled alive in an iron cauldron along with his son. Although he perished, he was able to protect his son by holding him above his head. This is similar to how Oden was able to protect his retainers from sharing his fate. 

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    Wano Characters Are Introduced With Scroll-Shaped Boxes

    Wano Characters Are Introduced With Scroll-Shaped Boxes
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    When most One Piece characters are first introduced, their names appear in rectangular boxes. When characters from Wano are first introduced, their names appear in scroll-shaped boxes.

    Because Momosuke's true identity was unknown when he was introduced, his name appeared in a rectangular box. The scroll shape was used once he was identified as the son of the daimyo. Clever, right? 

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    Master Nekomamushi Wouldn't Exist Without Brook's Voice Actor

    Master Nekomamushi Wouldn't Exist Without Brook's Voice Actor
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    Before Master Nekomamushi appeared in the manga, he appeared in the form of a song. Brook's voice actor, Cho, made up a song called "Let's Go See Master Nekomamushi." 

    Oda enjoyed this song so much that he created an entire character around it, and integrated the song itself into the manga. 

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    Many Locations Are Named After Foods

    Most regions of Wano Country are named after Japanese foods - at least verbally, as the kanji is not the same. The only exceptions to this are the Flower Capital, Onigashima, and Yo.

    Here are some examples. Kuri is written with the characters for "nine villages," but if it were written 栗, it would mean chestnuts. Udon technically means "rabbit bowl," but it's likely to make people think about 饂飩 or udon noodles. Hakumai is written as "white dance" but refers to 白米 or white rice. 

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    Kin'emon Is Named After A Showa-Era Actor

    Oda is known for referencing actors, so it's no surprise that Kin'emon is named for a legendary actor of the Showa era, Nakamura Kinnosuke. A fan asked Oda if this was the case, and he confirmed it and shared some of his excitement about both the actor and the upcoming Wano storyline: 

    Yess! You are correct. He was famous for his roles in period dramas, and I'm an huge fan. 'Cause, like, I'd be a lot more pumped about drawing them if they were kind of references to him, y'know what I'm saying!? This is for the future and I can't hold it in so I'll just say it here, but Luffy and the crew will eventually go to the Wano Kingdom. Oh my gooosh, ever since back in the day, I just can't wait to draw that moment~~. All of my interests may end up being exposed when that happens. Heeheehee.

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    The Animals In Wano All Share A Special Trait

    A fan noted that the animal Basil Hawkins rode during the Wano arc was particularly cool, and they asked Oda whether this animal can only found in Wano. Oda replied with a list of other animals specific to Wano and revealed they all share a common trait: flame-like fur. He explained: 

    Yeah, Komashika, Komachiyo the Komainu, Komadane, and Komatori are unique to Wano. The thing they have in common is the flame-like fur. There are a lot more different types of these animals, but I'm not sure if they will get a chance to appear in the story.