15 Things You Didn't Know About The Whitebeard Pirates In 'One Piece'

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The Whitebeard Pirates are one of the strongest and most important crews in the One Piece universe. But even if they're the group you love the best, there may still be some fun facts and trivia you didn't know about them. 

What are some things you didn't know about the Whitebeard Pirates? Here's something interesting: While Whitebeard himself was named after both the real-world Blackbeard and the famous Newgate prison, his personality was inspired by a bartender Oda knew personally. Also, did you know that Whitebeard has a pet dog named Stefan?

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    There Is A Real Memorial For Ace And Whitebeard At Universal Studios Japan

    Two of the saddest moments in One Piece's history are when Ace and Whitebeard pass away. Crying in front of the TV or into your manga is all well and good, but for those who need someplace to externalize their grief, there is an actual memorial at Universal Studios Japan.

    Apparently, this is a seasonal exhibit that only appears during the summer, so make sure to check with the venue ahead of time if you plan to visit. 

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    The Division Commanders Are All Ranked Equally

    In terms of rank, there isn't any difference between the leader of the First Division and the leader of, say, the Seventh. Each leader is ranked equally. However, the same does not apply to their allies. Oda breaks it down here:

    Ok, I'll explain a little about the Whitebeard Pirates. First, captain Whitebeard and the 16 commanders. All 16 commanders, despite numbers and ages have the same rank. All the same. Whitebeard Pirates are just split in 16 groups and the division number does not indicate strength. The 43 ally pirate ships are not any part of the Whitebeard Pirates, and are usually all just scattered everywhere living their own little lives. Yet they are loyal to Whitebeard, and help him in desperate times. They are like that. In Ace's case, the Spade Pirates were destroyed, and all the members joined the Whitebeard Pirates, so he was able to become a commander.

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    Whitebeard Is Based On A Bartender Oda Knew

    Oda gets his inspiration for his characters from a wide range of sources - including his personal life.

    He wrote in the data book One Piece Yellow: Grand Elements that Whitebeard is based on the bartender of a pub he used to go to with his manager. Sadly, the bartender in question passed in 2007.

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    Whitebeard Shares His Name With A Renowned Pirate Prison

    We already know that Whitebeard's first name comes from the real-world pirate Blackbeard - but where does his last name come from?

    The Newgate Prison was a London prison that held many pirates during the Golden Age of Piracy, including William Kidd and Henry Every. 

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    The Smiley Faces On Ace's Hat Have A Deeper Meaning

    Ace wears a hat that's decorated with smiley face and frowny face buttons. The two faces are depicted at the moment of Ace's demise. Ace's facial expressions appear to match those buttons. A fan asked what the deeper meaning behind it was, and Oda provided a thoughtful explanation:

    Hmm, I see. I've received quite a number of postcards on this one. Those "marks" and "the last expressions," hmm. They are the same. I, also, was shocked when I had this pointed out at first. (Haha) What's funny is that much to coincidence, that happened to become true. Back then, when Ace made his first introduction, there was sort of an idea of what this dude's destiny would be inside me, but those marks were just plain old accessories, and so I never thought of a deep meaning. And the expressions of Ace when he was dying, well I just thought that would be relevant and drew those two panels next to each other. Realistically, the face of pain, burning, hurting, feeling bad, and not wanting to die. Still, the feeling of having no regrets. He probably tries to tell that is how he truly feels to Luffy. And that's what his smile is. When a person cradles a crying baby, [they] always smile, right? Same as that. Because he wants the person to smile, he dies with a peaceful smile in the end, and I think that shows us his kindness. Thinking that, I drew those panels.

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    Why Aren't There Any Women In The Crew?

    Aside from the nurses who take care of Whitebeard's health, the Whitebeard Pirates are an all-male team. While most pirate crews tend to be predominantly male, it's unusual for there to be no women at all. A fan asked Oda about the reason for this. He explained:

    Hrmmm. So back when they made their first appearance (volume 25), there were female nurses on board. These lovely ladies were actually the Whitebeard Pirates' official medical team. However, due to Whitebeard's own set of morals, he never allowed a woman on board his ship as "fighters." This is the reason why there wasn't a single woman in his crew when they arrived in the "Summit War Arc." He was prepared for "death" at this point. He had ripped off all of the medical tools that were helping him stablize his condition despite his illness, left the women of his medical team, who desperately tried to stop him, in a safe place while tearing up, and went back out into sea for battle with just his boys!! I ended up not drawing all of this, but that's basically all the drama that went down before Pops finally showed up in the house.