20 Things You Didn’t Know About The Whole Cake Island Arc In ‘One Piece’

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The Whole Cake Island Arc is the third-longest arc in One Piece, and it's also one of the most interesting. Not only do fans get to learn more about one of the Four Emperors and her influence on the world, but they also get to learn more about Sanji's complicated and difficult childhood. With so much going on and so many new characters to keep track of, there's plenty of trivia, fun facts, and other details to learn.

What are some things you didn't know about the Whole Cake Arc? Sanji originally wasn't going to be a quadruplet - he was going to have a totally different configuration of siblings. Also, did you know that Charlotte Katakuri sometimes sleeps on the wall instead of lying on his back?

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    Why Do Sanji And His Brothers Have Different Hair Colors?

    The Vinsmoke quadruplets are identical, so the fact that they have different hair colors is a little confusing to some fans. One fan wrote in to the SBS asking Oda if they started dyeing their hair as small children. Oda offered a different explanation:

    Certainly the brothers having different hair colors is odd, I guess. You've already given the answer. This is because of the manipulated Lineage Factor. Sanji was the only one not affected, so he and his father have the same hair color.

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    Katakuri Sleeps On Walls

    Charlotte Katakuri has a reputation to maintain as a responsible, serious, and powerful person who is never seen slacking off. This includes never lying on his back in public, even when it's completely appropriate for him to go to sleep. This means that when in public, he sleeps against the wall. Oda explains further:

    Because of his myth of "strength" of his back never having touched the ground, he sleeps on walls. So basically, he leans on a wall, relaxes down, stands still and falls asleep while sitting.

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    Katakuri Was Supposed To Have A Logia Devil Fruit

    Oda initially intended for Katakuri to have a Logia Devil Fruit called the Kano-Kano Fruit, which would allow him to transform his body into flour.

    This was changed to the special Paramecia Mochi-Mochi Fruit, which let him do the same thing but with mochi instead.

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    There's A Heartwarming Parallel Between Luffy And Sanji's Mom

    One of Sanji's most powerful childhood memories with his mother was when she complimented his cooking. He made her a meal to eat in the hospital. Because of his inexperience with cooking, the meal was disgusting. His mother was grateful for his efforts and complimented him for it anyway. 

    This parallels something that happened later with Luffy when they met outside the castle. Luffy happily chowed down on a ruined bento that Sanji brought with him, claiming it was delicious even though it clearly wasn't. Even though Luffy has been known to genuinely enjoy gross food, this moment helps cement the idea that the two of them are family. 

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    The Big Mom Pirates Are The Oldest Active Pirate Crew

    The Big Mom Pirates have been continuously operating for 62 years.

    This makes them the oldest known active pirate crew, as well as the crew that has stayed together the longest without disbanding or losing its members. 

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    Discrimination Is Rampant In Totto Land

    Totto Land is supposed to be a place where all races live together, free of discrimination. There are a lot of problems with Totto Land, but one major issue is the fact that it doesn't even live up to this promise.

    Pudding experiences severe discrimination because she's a member of the Three-Eye Tribe. Katakuri is severely mocked not for his race but because of the shape of his mouth. If even the members of the royal family have to deal with this, it's likely even worse for the regular citizens.