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Things You Didn't Know About The X-Men Movies

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The X-Men series helped kickstart a new age of successful comic book film franchises at the turn of the century. If not for X-Men, there might not be an MCU or DCEU. And, considering there are 13 films in the franchise, there's a lot that went into making them that the average fan may not know.

This list highlights some of the more interesting things you didn't know about the X-Men movies, and many of them might surprise you. If you discover a fun fact you didn't already know, go ahead and give it an upvote to see which one rises to the top.

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    Deadpool Broke Records For The 'X-Men' Franchise And The Studio

    Ryan Reynolds fought long and hard to get a Deadpool film made, and the studio didn't seem to have much confidence in it. But he definitely had the last laugh. The first Deadpool raked in more than twice its $58 million budget in the US, and over $782 million worldwide. 

    Deadpool smashed a ton of records for both the X-Men film franchise and 20th Century Fox, becoming the highest-grossing R-rated movie, the highest-grossing X-Men movie, and the highest-grossing film in 20th Century Fox's filmography that wasn't directed by James Cameron or George Lucas.

    Deadpool 2 ended up breaking those records, having made a little more than $785 million at the worldwide box office. Unfortunately, it wasn't to last. Three years later, Warner Bros.' Joker broke the earning records Deadpool made - though it probably had the X-Men character to thank for the leg up!

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    Jennifer Lawrence Had A Financial Problem Because Of Her Mystique Makeup

    While filming X-Men: First Class in London, Jennifer Lawrence rented an apartment in Notting Hill. When shooting wrapped and it was time for her to move on, she had some trouble getting her security deposit back, and it had everything to do with the blue body paint used to make her look the part. 

    The paint had stained the bathtub, which makes some sense, seeing as she must have washed it off after filming each day. She was asked if she now hated the color blue in an interview with W Magazine, where she broke the news of her problem:

    Not really, but I did leave the color everywhere. The hotel in London wouldn’t give me my security deposit back because I turned their tub blue. I also did that to a lot of toilet seats on set. We called it "getting Mystiqued."

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    Hugh Jackman Was Made To Look Shorter In 'X-Men'

    Hugh Jackman may have been the best man to play Wolverine throughout the X-Men film franchise, but there's one aspect of his physique that bears no resemblance to the comic book character: his height. Jackman stands at 6'2", while his comic counterpart is supposed to be 5'3". He's almost a full foot taller than the canonical Wolverine.

    To combat this tall problem, camera tricks were implemented to reduce his height when he was standing near other characters. Despite doing that, he still towered over many of the other actors on set. When X-Men proved to be a good movie with Wolverine being the breakout character, the fans got over the height discrepancy, and those same tricks were barely used moving forward with the franchise.

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    James McAvoy Had To Wear A Wig For His Role In 'First Class'

    When James McAvoy was cast to play Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class, he may have overprepared for the role. As everyone knows, Professor X is bald, so the actor was happy to shave his head. However, if you've seen the film, you may remember the young Xavier has a full head of hair.

    McAvoy explained the situation in an interview with Radio Times, saying, "I did actually shave my head. I turned up and they went, ‘No, no, no, no, no it’s the '60s, we want him to be haired... well, not bald.'"

    The actor's shorn head was a problem, but not an insurmountable one. The costume department fitted him with a wig, so the hair you see in the movie is not actually McAvoy's. 

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