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20 Things You Might Not Know About Yu Yu Hakusho

September 30, 2020 3.4k votes 485 voters 46.4k views20 items

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the most beloved anime from the '90s. Whether you look at it with fond nostalgia or just recently realized how cool it is, there still might be a few things you didn't know about Yu Yu Hakusho. We're bringing you a bunch of fun facts, bits of trivia, and insight into the manga-ka's creative process. 

One detail of which you might not have been aware: Hiei was supposed to be a one-shot villain, but his wild popularity led to him being brought on as a main cast member. Also, did you know that Yusuke smokes in the manga - and that his mom is up to way shadier things than just that? Another bit of trivia - Kuwabara is named after two Japanese baseball players.

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    Hiei Was Meant To Be A One-Off Villain

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    Hiei is far and away one of the most popular characters in the series - and in anime as a whole. Seriously, he was ranked the 5th most popular male character of the 1990s by Newtype Magazine, and the first, second, and third most popular in Animage Anime Grand Prix for three years running.

    But Hiei was originally meant to be a one-off villain, not a core character. His popularity convinced Togashi and his editing team to let him stick around. 

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    There's A Lot More To Yusuke's Mom Than Meets The Eye

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    In the anime version of Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke's mother Atsuko doesn't really do anything besides get drunk and ignore her son.

    In the manga, she's still neglectful, but she's a much more complicated character. She's spiritually sensitive and is seen doing everything from watching the Dark Tournament to fighting demons herself. She also appears to have Yakuza and other underworld connections, having been seen demanding money from pimps and summoning Yakuza members to do her bidding. 

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    The Toguro Brothers Are Togashi's Favorite Villains

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    Every Yu Yu Hakusho fan has a favorite villain - including the series' creator. In one of the data books, Togashi claims that his favorite villains are the Toguro Brothers. Why? Because they are "fundamentally unrestrained."

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    Kurapika From 'Hunter x Hunter' Is Based On Kurama

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    If you thought that Kurapika from Togashi's other hit manga was a lot like Kurama, you thought right - and it's no accident. Both are seemingly calm people with stragetic minds, who get intense when their dark pasts are involved. They also dress and speak similarly, use whiplike weapons, and are frequently mistaken for girls. 

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