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20 Things You Might Not Know About Yu Yu Hakusho

September 30, 2020 3.4k votes 485 voters 46.4k views20 items

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the most beloved anime from the '90s. Whether you look at it with fond nostalgia or just recently realized how cool it is, there still might be a few things you didn't know about Yu Yu Hakusho. We're bringing you a bunch of fun facts, bits of trivia, and insight into the manga-ka's creative process. 

One detail of which you might not have been aware: Hiei was supposed to be a one-shot villain, but his wild popularity led to him being brought on as a main cast member. Also, did you know that Yusuke smokes in the manga - and that his mom is up to way shadier things than just that? Another bit of trivia - Kuwabara is named after two Japanese baseball players.

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    Ging From 'Hunter x Hunter' Is Based On Yusuke

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    While you might have noticed the physical resemblance between the two, you may not have realized that Gon's father Ging is essentially intended to be grown-up Yusuke. Does this mean that Ging used to get into fights all the time as a kid, and that Gon's real mother is a no-nonsense girl like Keiko? Maybe!

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    There's A Reason Why It Didn't Start Out As A Battle Manga

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    Yu Yu Hakusho's tone and genre change dramatically over the course of the series. It starts off focusing on what Togashi refers to as 'good, heartfelt stories' before focusing on fights. 

    Togashi never really felt at home in the shonen genre - he personally preferred reading manga from publications like Garo, which specializes in avant-garde manga, and Hana to Yume, a shojo publication. But when he tried writing love stories, he felt intimidated and decided to write a battle manga, which he thought he could pull off and make popular.

    But because it would be his first battle manga, his editor didn't want him to jump right into that either: he asked him to start slow and introduce more battles later. When he finally did, the series's popularity skyrocketed. 

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    Mukuro's Backstory Is Darker Than You Think

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    Mukuro, one of the Three Kings, had a troubled past that involved being abandoned as a child - much like Hiei, who she would eventually mentor. In both the anime and the manga, she was a child slave - but in the manga, she was specifically a victim of human trafficking. 

    Togashi names Mukuro among his favorite characters, and claims that he wanted to go into more detail about the abuse that she suffered, but wasn't able to. 

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    Sensui's Allies Are Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

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    Unlike some shows, which clearly label their characters with connections to the Seven Deadly Sins, Yu Yu Hakusho is so low-key about it that you might not notice it. Sensui's allies - the group originally thought to be the Sensui Seven - is created around this Christian concept. 

    Here's the breakdown: Kamiya (Wrath), Makihara (Gluttony), Mitarai (Envy), Amanuma (Sloth), Itsuki (Lust), Elder Toguro (Greed), and Hagiri (Pride). 

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