20 Things You Didn't Know About The Z-Fighters In DBZ

The Z Fighters, a group of warriors from all over the universe who work together to defend the Earth, include some of the most important characters in the Dragon Ball universe - as well as some of the more memorable side characters. No matter how well you know them, there might be some things you didn't know about the Z-fighters. 

Here's a cool canon fact that you might not have known - Piccolo knows CPR, an invaluable but often overlooked skill. Here's something a little more meta: Chaotzu once made a cameo in the Naruto manga. There's plenty more Z Fighter trivia where that came from, so let's get started!

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    Gohan Has The Longest Consecutive Super Saiyan Transformation 

    Maintaining a Super Saiyan transformation takes some serious strength and energy, so anyone who manages to keep it going for long periods of time is strong as heck. Gohan has spent the most amount of time continuously transformed out of any other characters - he once spent 29 episodes like that. 

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    Krillin Was Introduced To Spice Up The Series

    Believe it or not, it wasn't actually Akira Toriyama's idea to introduce Krillin into the Dragon Ball series: it was his editor Kazuhiko Torishima. Torishima felt that Goku was too bland of a character on his own, and that there needed to be another character who could bring some life to the series. 

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    May 9th Is Goku Day In Japan

    Goku is one of the most important characters in anime history, a fact which is acknowledged with an official holiday. After Toei Animation put in a request, The Japan Anniversary Association declared May 9th to be Goku Day. The date was chosen because the Japanese characters for the numbers 5 and 9 can be read as "go" and "ku." There's no official way to celebrate Goku Day - maybe it's a good time to marathon DBZ? 

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    Krillin Has Seen Every Main Villain In Every Form In 'DBZ'

    Because there are so many villains and heroes, they haven't all met one another. Even those heroes who have met every villain haven't seen them in every transformation. Krillin is an exception - he's been there to see every major villain in Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and Buu - and has seen every single one of their forms.

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    Vegeta Has Never Actually Lost To Goku

    Considering how desperate Vegeta is to defeat Goku, you'd think that he'd have suffered some kind of humiliating defeat at his hands - but he actually hasn't.

    The rivals have fought twice: once when they first met and Vegeta was a villain, and once when Vegeta was possessed by Babidi. In both cases, Vegeta won. Clearly, there's something deeper at play than just the outcome of the fights. 

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    Piccolo Has Inconsistently Colored Blood

    What color blood do Namekians have? While we've seen Piccolo bleed on more than one occasion, the color has varied wildly. When fighting Raditz, he had red blood, but later in DBZ it was purple. Then, in Dragon Ball Super, it was green.