15 Things You Didn't Know About The Blackbeard Pirates In 'One Piece'

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The Blackbeard Pirates are among the most formidable crews to ever set sail. Led by Marshall D. Teach, they repeatedly clash with the Whitebeard Pirates and other heroes. If you're a fan of this infamous group, you might want to learn more about them. 

What are some of the things you didn't know about the Blackbeard Pirates in One Piece? Did you know that Blackbeard actually has a mother and two sisters? Also, you'll be surprised to learn how much the team has in common with the Rocks Pirates.

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    Blackbeard's Devil Fruit May Be A Nod To His Namesake

    It's well-known that Blackbeard was named for a real pirate of the same name. One thing that may not be as well known is a connection between Blackbeard's Devil Fruit and his real-world counterpart's behavior.

    When Blackbeard uses the Dark-Dark Fruit, black smoke is often seen curling around him. This is likely a reference to the fact that the real Blackbeard used to put candles in his hair and light them so that the smoke would make him appear more intimidating. 

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    Shiryu Is Considered To Be Blackbeard's Right-Hand Man

    Despite joining the crew later than the other members, Shiryu has already become Blackbeard's right-hand man.

    In the cover page for chapter 1031, "Warrior of Science," Shiryu is depicted with other infamous "right-hand men" of different groups, including Zoro, Katakuri, Killer, Marco, Rayleigh, etc. This implies that Shiryu is considered to be Blackbeard's most trusted member.

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    Why Aren't There Any 'Beauties' In The Blackbeard Pirates?

    Like most pirate crews in One Piece, the Blackbeard Pirates are mostly male. There is one female member, Catarina Devon, but she isn't what most people would consider conventionally attractive. Oda did initially plan to include a beautiful woman in the crew, but decided against the idea. A fan asked why, and Oda had an explanation:

    Yes...this is referenced from a comics databook called ONE PIECE "GREEN" where scribbles in my sketchbook can be spotted. In some cases, I take years and years to draw and redraw a character before he/she makes an official appearance before everyone's eye in order to perfect him/her, while in other cases, I just quickly sketch them and make them official in an instant. The Blackbeard Pirates would fall into the first category. I redrew their looks many times and came up with "THIS IS THE RESULT OF ALL THAT WORK?!" sort of faces that bring up doubts and concerns for everybody. If you ask why I took out the beauty is because the Blackbeard Pirates have a "more pirate-like" theme. Huge, rough, vulgar. Even if such a beauty existed, she would just ruin the mood.

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    Blackbeard Is The Only Character To Be Part Of These Three Groups

    Blackbeard is one of the most infamous pirates in the One Piece world. This is reflected in the fact that he's part of three renowned groups - the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the Worst Generation, and the Four Emperors.

    He is the only person to be a member of all three of these groups. 

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    Blackbeard Has A Family

    Blackbeard Has A Family
    Photo: Shueisha

    Most people don't think of Blackbeard as being a particularly family-oriented person, but just like every other person alive, someone gave birth to him.

    In the eighth volume of One Piece Magazine, Oda drew a sketch of Blackbeard's mother and his two sisters. Unfortunately, not much is known about them. Maybe someday we'll learn more. 

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    Oda Would Want To Be In Their Crew

    In an interview with Viz Media, Oda was asked which pirate crew - excluding the Straw Hats - he'd want to be part of if he could enter his own fictional world. Here's what he said

    Hmm. Except the Straw Hats... I think it would be awesome to be in Buggy’s crew. They seem to be very carefree, and it would be really fun because even the subordinates can make fun of the captain. But if I was really strong, I would want to be in the Blackbeard Pirates.

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