Things You Hate Most When Driving

We all get a little extra annoyed when we slide behind the wheel of our car. Maybe it's because we'd rather just be where we are going and not have to deal with the most aggravating thing about driving... which is other drivers. What's the absolute worst when you're just trying run an errand or go home after a long day at work? What makes you wish you had machine guns mounted on the hood? Vote up the things you hate most about driving, and be sure to add anything annoying thing you think is missing.

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  • 1

    People Who Cut You Off and Then Drive Slower Than You Were Going in the First Place

  • 2

    Drivers Who Won't Let You Merge

  • 3

    Drivers Who Speed Up When You Want to Change Lanes

  • 4

    People Cutting You Off

  • 5


  • 6

    People Driving Too Slow in the Fast Lane

  • 7

    People Who Don't Dim Their Brights

  • 8

    Drivers Who Won't Signal

  • 9

    Two Cars Driving Side-by-Side So You Can't Pass

  • 10

    Other Drivers Texting

  • 11

    Drivers Who Cut in Line on Backed Up Off-Ramps

  • 12

    Drivers Who Try to Get You to Move Out of Their Way When There Are 10 Cars Ahead of You Going the Same Speed

  • 13

    Drivers Who Won't Pull Over Even When Tons of Cars Are Backed Up Behind Them on a Single Lane Road

  • 14

    People Who Don't Turn on Their Headlights at Night or in the Rain

  • 15

    Cars Driving Slow for No Reason

  • 16

    Drivers Who Do Not Move to the Right Side of the Road to Make a Right Turn

  • 17

    People Who Pass You Only to Turn at the Next Intersection

  • 18

    Drivers Who Constantly Tap Their Brakes on the Interstate for No Reason

  • 19

    Pedestrians Who Don't Look Up When Crossing the Street

  • 20

    Refusing to buy insurance- You drive insurance prices up for everyone else and make having our car fixed if the accident is your fault a nightmare.

  • 21

    People Who Refuse to Turn Left on a Green Even Though There Is Plenty of Time and Space

  • 22

    Drivers at Four-Way Intersections Who Won't Go on Their Turn

  • 23

    People Who Merge Onto the Highway Going Less Than the Speed Limit

  • 24

    Drivers who stop to chat with pedestrians

    Shut up and drive!

  • 25

    People Who Slow Down to a Near Stop to Turn