11 Things You Learn About Your Friends by Playing D&D

Dungeons & Dragons (D&D for short) is basically one of the cornerstones of nerdiness. Since Gary Gygax, the late patron saint of tabletop gaming, gave the world this game in 1974, people have been clustering around tables to eat Cheetos, drink soda, and yell at their twenty-sided dice for rolling way too low. D&D has built friendships and ruined them, it has been passed from elder to younger siblings and from fathers to daughters and sons. While so many aspects of popular culture have turned out to be fads, Dungeons & Dragons endures.

One theory about why Dungeons & Dragons sticks around because of the human element that you get from the gaming experience. When you peel away all of the elves and orcs, D&D is, at its core, a team-building exercise for you and your friends. Sitting down to go on a dungeon crawl teaches you about the people sitting next to you. Sometimes, what you learn is good; it’s really neat to discover that the only thing stopping your friends from being benevolent superheroes is reality. Unfortunately, sometimes you learn more about your friends than you ever wanted.

Here’s the things you learn about your friends when you play D&D with them, whether it's good or bad.