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25 Things You Love That Were Accidents

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Everything has an origin story. From superheroes, to whatever you had for breakfast, someone sat down and said, “I am going to make this thing.” Or, more honestly, they sat down and tried to make something else, but ended up making the thing that you love instead. Oddly enough, that’s how most inventions, be they artistic, scientific, or culinary, are created: by accident. Check out our list of things that you love that were created by accident and prepare to be shocked by the truth about Corn Flakes. 

Chocolate chip cookies, hit songs, famous scenes from movies, and your little sister, what do they have in common? They’re all mistakes! And they’re all on this very carefully curated list of things that you love that were created by accident (well, everything but your sister). The best artists and inventors have become adept at taking credit for their dumb luck, and hats of to them, because we probably wouldn’t know how to handle the fame that would inevitably come along with inventing a game like Space Invaders or the world’s second best dish, nachos (second only to pizza).

Memorize the information on this list and use it the next time you’re on a date, or if you’re waiting on line for ice cream, but before you do that vote for which accidental invention story you love the most.

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    Viggo Mortensen, True Lord of the Rings

    Viggo Mortensen, True Lord of the Rings
    Photo: flickr / CC0
    In The Fellowship of the Ringwhen another actor misjudged a throw and accidentally flung a real knife at Viggo Mortensen's face at high velocity, Mortensen managed to swing his sword and block the knife, creating another unintentional badass moment for his character.
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  • Donkey Kong Was Supposed to Be the Hero, Not the Villain
    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY
    The game manual clearly expresses that Donkey Kong was Mario's pet, and he escaped because Mario mistreated him.
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  • Jason Voorhees Wears a Hockey Mask Because the Crew Was Lazy
    Photo: Paramount Pictures
    In the second Friday the 13th film, Jason wears a bag over his head, which was a little close to the killer from The Town Who Feared Sundown for the producers, so they decided to finally give him a face. His face was finally going to be seen but it would take a lot of work for every shot. The make up team decided that instead of doing their job, they would just stick a mask on the villain and a horror icon was born!
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    Star Trek's Transporters Were Created Due to Budget Constraints

    As cool and/or horrifying as the concept of a matter transporter is, it was never supposed to be on the show. The plan was for the crew to take shuttles or land the ship every time Kirk had to bone a green lady, but that would have been too expensive. With this budget-saving innovation, they not only had more funds for special effects and Shatner's girdle budget, they inadvertently created one of the franchise's most iconic elements.
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