Lifestyle 52 Things You Probably Haven't Cleaned In Way Too Long (That You Really Should)  

Brian Gilmore
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If you've neglected some of the things on this list, you should probably get to them today, this morning, tonight, as soon as possible. Dirty everyday objects are a great way to get sick, especially if you inadvertently touch your mouth and eyes a lot (which the vast majority of people do). Anywhere or anything touched by other people on a fairly regular basis, or that you touch (after having touched other things that can be touched by other people on a fairly regular basis), can be absolute cesspools. There's stuff you take for granted too, like your shower-heads or your faucets in general. Not just the shiny parts that people can see, but if you ever peek under your faucets, it's pretty nasty, and that's the stuff that cleans your hands. Let me break that down: the water you use to clean your hands is getting dirty before you even clean your hands. 

Listen, this list is more of a reminder and a good checklist, albeit a fun one to share with friends, that should remind you that household objects that may seem clean or "spit-shined" shouldn't be ignored. It's not supposed to send you into a Howard Hughes-style episode where you end up peeing in jars, but it is supposed to let you know that yes, some people clean the bottoms of their shoes, and other people don't clean their elbows enough. Your soap holder isn't self-cleaning and neither is anything in your bathroom. Also your Brita water filter, how long has it been? You know they sell replacements right? As much anxiety as this list costs, just remember to vote on everything you haven't cleaned in over six months and actually change that sometime soon. 

'Cause you nasty. 

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83 23
Your Remote Control

75 23
Under Your Oven

71 21
The Highest Point Of Your Bathroom Walls

77 26
All Of Your Doorknobs

65 20
Under The Refrigerator

61 21
Your Shower-Head

57 19
Your Computer Keyboard

46 13
Behind Your Refrigerator

53 22
Your Light Switches

56 26
Your Refrigerator Door Handle

54 25
Behind Your Washer And Dryer

52 26
Your Phone

48 25
Your Mattress Pad

55 31
Your Throw Pillows

45 24
Your Teeth (A Professional Dental-Cleaning)

49 28
Your Carpet (An Actual, Professional Cleaning)

42 22
The Space In Your Silverware Drawer Beneath The Utensil Holder

41 25
The Mouth Of Your Faucet

43 28
The Inside Pocket Behind Your Passenger Seat

43 29
At Least One Drawer In Your Refrigerator

35 22
The Wall Above Your Stove-Top

41 28
The Bottom Of Your Shoes

37 27
Your Steering Wheel

28 19
Your Drapes

28 19
The Hardest Place To Reach Under Your Bed