Total Nerd 15 Weird Facts About Power Rangers That You Never Knew As A Kid  

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Growing up, many considered the Power Rangers the most epic group of crime fighters ever. To young minds, they were a group of remarkable heroes who gallantly handed out one world-saving whoopin' after another to evildoers. You watched the episodes so many times, you could answer trivia questions about each villain's backstory and each ranger’s personal life, but what about the stuff that slipped through the cracks of your awe? Watching as an adult, you realize there's a whole lot of stuff you didn’t notice -- stuff that’s often cringe-worthy and embarrassing. These are Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers facts and weird things that you may not have noticed when you were glued to the TV screen as a kid.
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The Black Ranger Was Missing a Finger

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You never noticed but he's 100% missing a digit. Fortunately it didn't stop him from dancing and throwing hands with putties on the regular.
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The Blue Ranger Quit Because of Homophobia

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In an interview with David Yost, who played Billy the Blue Ranger, Yost said he left the show after he was verbally abused by cast and crew who weren't particularly accepting of his homosexuality. He claimed the harassment extended from everyone: from the creators and producers, to the writers and directors. It's a disturbing revelation that we'd never have known as kids.
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That One Time There Was a Random Kid Standing Next to a Megazord

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Apparently nobody had any desire to edit him out or something because there he is, a kid standing right next to the Megazord. Maybe he was playing puppet master, or maybe he was just a lost child who wandered onto a disorganized set. Whatever the case, he's there.

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The Original Mighty Morphin’ Yellow Ranger Wasn't Trini

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That's right, the first Yellow Ranger was actually a Latina, and she starred on the first episode. But after filming the pilot, she asked for more money and was given the boot. Then we got Trini, who will always and forever be the only Yellow Ranger, ever.