5 Things You Should Know About AJ Styles

He may be "Phenomenal" and he may be the "Champ That Runs the Camp," but there are some things you might not know about AJ Styles. While AJ hasn't even been in WWE for a full year yet, he has led a full career that many casual fans don't know about. And what's up with that tattoo? Take a moment, get educated on some AJ Styles trivia, and check out this quick list of five things you should know about AJ Styles.


  • He's the Only Man to Be NWA, TNA, IWGP, And WWE World Champion

    There are few men who have held world championships in multiple companies, but Styles is in a class all his own. Over the course of his lengthy career, he held the NWA World title in 2003, TNA's World Championship in 2009, the IWGP Heavyweight Champion in New Japan Pro Wrestling in 2014, and most recently the WWE World Championship in 2016. He is the first - and so far only - man to achieve such an accomplishment. 

  • He Has His Children's Birthdates Tattooed on His Body

    He Has His Children's Birthdates Tattooed on His Body
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    Fans have noticed Styles' giant "A.J." tattoo on the side of his torso, but there also some dates tattooed underneath it. Those dates and the tattoo as a whole are a tribute to AJ's four children: Ajay Jones, Avery Jones, Albey Jones, and Anney Jones. As you can see, all of Styles's children share the initials "A.J." and the dates below are each child's birthdate.

  • Wrestled in WCW Before It Was Bought

    Wrestled in WCW Before It Was Bought
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    Mere months before WWE bought WCW in 2001, Styles made his television debut on WCW Monday Nitro as part of the fledgling WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Division alongside his partner Air Paris. While Styles was able to make a few appearances on WCW TV, the cruiserweight tag team concept died when WWE bought the company.

  • He Turned Down a WWE Developmental Deal in 2002

    He Turned Down a WWE Developmental Deal in 2002
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    In 2002, AJ did a few tryout dark matches and even did a match against the Hurricane on an episode of WWE Metal. Having modest interest, WWE offered Styles a meager developmental contract. AJ turned it down, citing that he didn't want his wife to quit school to relocate on top of the paycut.