5 Things You Should Know About Cesaro 

Erik Barnes
Updated October 13, 2018 4.1k views 6 items

He's the King of Swing and pound-for-pound the strongest wrestler in the WWE locker room. He's Cesaro! You may have heard Puppet gush over him on his various videos, but there are some things about Cesaro's life and career that you might not know. Check out this quick snacky cake-sized list of five things you should know about Cesaro!

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He LOVES Coffee
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A man of Cesaro's physique can't allow many vices, but the Swiss Superman does have his own version of Kryptonite: coffee. The man LOVES coffee. He loves it so much that he had his own blog about coffee before signing with WWE.

Bonus: He Can Do This!
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Cesaro has yet to do this move in WWE, but just look at it! Look! Stop reading this and watch the video! You're welcome.