Old Hollywood Things You Should Know Before You Move to LA  

Jacob Shelton
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Like Mike Love said, “the west coast has the sunshine, and the girls all get so tanned,” but what he didn’t mention was the hidden world and secret codes that exist in Los Angeles. If you’re looking for tips about moving to LA, this list has all the essentials covered - from the best farmers markets to what really goes down in the Valley. Moving to Los Angeles can be a culture shock if you don’t know what to expect, but this list will help you succeed when you finally pull the trigger and come out to the west coast. Put on your sunglasses and check out these things you should know before living in Los Angeles.

Everyone thinks they know what to expect when moving from NYC to LA, but the truth of the matter is that living in LA is a completely different experience than living in other city. Not only is foot traffic is almost non-existent, but the way the city is laid out makes zero sense until you’ve hopped from Atwater Village to Manhattan Beach a few dozen times. If you’re thinking of coming out west and need some LA moving tips, then look no further.
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These Are Loquats. They Are Delicious.

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These trees are everywhere in LA. You should try the fruit on them. If you're one of those people who just has to know what you're eating, the loquat is indigenous to China (but they're all over LA for some reason). The fruit tastes kind of like a peach that ripened inside of a mango. 

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Your Car Is Probably Going to Get Towed

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It's inevitable. There are way too many parking rules in LA for you to make it through your time in this beautiful city unscathed. But if you want to try to beat the parking police, study this cheat sheet like your life depends on it. 

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6th Street Is the Fastest Way to Get from Midtown to Downtown

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Whatever map app you're using is going to tell you to get on the 101 or the 110, but DO NOT listen to it. Just find your way to 6th street and cruise with the rest of the geniuses who've managed to break free of Siri's horrific directions. Plus, the tree-lined streets are super nice!
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Helicopters Will Become Your Mortal Enemy

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It's 2am and you're lying in bed, what's that sound? It's a helicopter flying right over your house. Why is it there? No one knows and you're never going to find out. Learn to accept the madness. 
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