Things That Drunk-You Should Stay Away From

As anyone who has ever overdone it while drinking quite possibly already knows, there’s a point around beer number four or five when sober-you sort of begins to fade into the background. Though this may be exactly the point at which sober-you vowed before setting out to cut yourself off and stop drinking, it’s quite possibly also the point where you start to realize that there’s now someone else in control. That’s right, it’s none other than drunk-you and if there’s one thing drunk-you does well, it’s bitch slap sober-you’s best intentions. That’s why we’ve compiled this of things you shouldn’t do while drinking, in order to help you identify things that drunk-you should totally stay away from.

Now those of you more skilled in the arts of moderation may be wondering, “Who is this drunk-me and what does he/she want?” In short: A night filled with antics capable of horrifying sober-you for years to come. Others of you have undoubtedly already learned the hard way exactly what drunk-you is capable of, quite possibly as you lay shriveled near a toilet in a strange, lonely bathroom.

Regardless, even if it’s happened to you in the past, this list will allow you to finally say “Never again!” to drunk-you’s 80-proof antics. Though we in no way condone overindulging, we figure that at the very least, these funny pictures of drunk people could come in handy as a sort of emergency reference the next time you need the slightest bit of a reminder of things you shouldn’t do while drinking!